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13 Best Beard Styles for Men in 2019

While there are numerous beard types for men which you can contemplate, nevertheless, all the time keep in mind to weigh in your features before choosing probably the most suitable for you. As a matter of reality, maintain in mind that what seems good on others might not exactly look the identical on you. To not mention that distinct face shapes name for particular person beard types.

We have now consolidated the most effective beard types for 2019 that may certainly add oomph to your seems to be. You possibly can experiment as a lot as you want in order for you to seek out what is going to really look good on you. You must have the endurance especially in case you are aiming for longer beard types as in fact, you will look unkempt whereas ready for it to develop.

13 Best Beard Styles

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1. Balbo

The Balbo is among the hottest beard types lately. Robert Downey, Jr., a renowned American actor who starred in prime grossing films resembling The Avengers and Iron Man, has been maintaining the Balbo look for years because it matches his options fairly properly.


Men with slender chin

The right way to Achieve:

You want to grow a full beard in order for you to have ample hair for shaping. Do not shave for 4 weeks or until the beard has absolutely grown. You also have to develop a mustache. It requires cautious sculpting so you need good razors to realize the look. You should use a disposable or an electrical razor to take off the hair on the edges, and a straight razor to form the Balbo beard type appropriately.

Balbo Beard Style

Bandholz Beard StyleOriginally posted at Actual Men Actual Type

2. Bandholz

The Bandholz beard type was popularized by Eric Bandholz, founding father of Beardbrand. He was into the corporate world till he fell in love with beards. He received damaging feedback because of his drive to grow his beard until its restrict, thus, he has give up his job and decided to put up Beardbrand

Beardbrand was only a group earlier than. Eric posted blogs, YouTube movies, and Tumbler entries to offer info to fanatics who want to maintain their beards at its best situation. Afterward, he has determined to show it right into a enterprise by providing high-quality merchandise that basically work wonders. From beard oils, washes, and softeners, to scissors and combs, the Beardbrand is definitely a one-stop shop.


Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangular, Oval or Diamond face shapes

The way to Achieve:

Growing a Bandholz require endurance. At first, you will look patchy and unkempt particularly through the first 4 months. It’s worthwhile to have the endurance to keep it untouched. Throw away your razor and scissors; you gained’t need them for months. Simply let it grow till it reaches the maximum size you possibly can genetically grow. You can start shaping and chopping it 7 months after, or you possibly can hold it as is, relying on your preferences. What is good concerning the Bandholz is that you would be able to hold it freely in contrast to other beard types.

Bandholz Beard Styles

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three. Clean Shaven

Properly, most individuals would moderately not develop their facial hair because it seems to be clear and tidy. It should never be out of development, especially in case you are a part of the corporate world which would require you to take a look at your greatest. In truth, in response to some surveys, ladies favor males who shave.


All face shapes

Find out how to Obtain:

Go seize your trimmers and razors – a disposable, an electric or a cartridge, just take off that rising facial hair!

Channing Tatum Clean Shaven Beard Styles

Circle Beard StylesInitially posted at Actual Men Actual Type

four. Circle Beard

Also referred to as the “standard” beard, the circle beard is a mixture of mustache and rounded goatee beard types. It appears tidy, thus, making it an excellent choice for men who want to look presentable without letting go of their beard.


Oval and Spherical face shapes

Easy methods to Achieve:

Just remember to have grown an inexpensive quantity of hair to keep away from over trimming or shaving. It will be greatest to go to a salon to completely obtain the circle shape as it can be a bit fussy. As soon as you might have acquired the best look, you can do the succeeding trimming and shaving by yourself.

Circle Beard Styles

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5. Extended Goatee

Also called the tailback or the Hollywoodian, the extended goatee is a mixture of a goatee and a mustache. The type is totally different from the complete beard as you’re taking off the hair on the sideburns.


Sq. and oval face form

How you can Achieve:

Just remember to have grown medium stubble earlier than shaping your beard. Take off the hair on the sideburns and regulate the width in line with your preferences. Do not take off your mustache.

Extended Goatee Beard Styles

Friendly Mutton Chops Beard StylesOriginally posted at Actual Men Actual Fashion

6. Friendly Mutton Chops

The pleasant mutton chops are also known as the sideburns, sideburns or aspect whiskers. The time period “sideburns” was derived from Ambrose Burnside, a renowned American Civil Conflict basic.


Round or square face form

Learn how to Achieve:

Let your sideburns and mustache grow until they meet. Shave the hair on your chin till the lower lip area. You possibly can maintain your sideburns growing until it turns into fluffy.

Friendly Mutton Chops Beard Styles

Full Beard StylesInitially posted at Real Men Actual Type

7. Full Beard

The manliest and much most popular by men amongst all the beard types, the complete beard is definitely one thing you should not miss this 2019! Properly-groomed full beard is extra engaging as it accentuates your options better.


Diamond, Triangle or Inverted Triangle face shape

Find out how to Obtain:

The complete beard depends upon your genetics. For those who grow hair throughout your face, then attaining it is straightforward. You just need to let the hair develop till medium stubbles and shape it evenly utilizing a razor. Cease shaving until 6 weeks in order to achieve the look. Trim right after to take care of the length.

Full Beard Styles

Garibaldi Beard StylesInitially posted at Real Men Real Styles

8. Garibaldi

Don’t have ample time to keep your beard wanting kempt? The Garibaldi is ideal for you! It’s a bit shorter than the Bandholz, thus, trimming it as soon as in some time is required.


Oval or Rectangular Face

The best way to Achieve:

You need to develop your beard for months, about 4 months relying on how quick you develop your beard till it reaches 15-20cm. Trim and form the lower area once in a while to make it look spherical.  The mustache’s size is something that you simply also needs to hold neat as the main target ought to be on the beard. No styling aids required because it has to look natural.

Garibaldi Beard Styles

Imperial Beard StylesOriginally posted at Real Men Real Fashion

9. Imperial

The Imperial turned fashionable through the Second Empire. It isn’t truly a beard fashion however a mustache. Nevertheless, you possibly can incorporate it together with your sideburns or chin beards, like what Mel Gibson has achieved on his beard. Simply just remember to hold the beard easy in order to keep the imperial mustache because the spotlight of your face.


Rectangular or Oblong Face

The right way to Achieve:

Don’t shave for weeks, or even months, until you might have acquired whiskers which are lengthy sufficient to be shaped. Some lovers say that they had to wait as a lot as three months till they have efficiently achieved the look.

Shave your sideburns or the hair close to your mustache. Never trim! Ensure you’re your mustache appears natural, so even if it disturbs you from consuming nicely or if it falls now and again, resist the temptation of trimming to efficiently have the Imperial look. Now, start curling the ends. You need to use beard oil or mustache wax to maintain its curl.

Imperial Beard Styles

Short Stubble Beard StylesInitially posted at Real Men Real Type

10. Brief Stubble

The only amongst all of the beard types, the brief stubble is something which you could simply keep as there will probably be no “special” technique simply to realize the look. It seems to be manly but does not make you look untidy.


All face shapes

How you can Obtain:

Simply don’t shave your beard and mustache for 1 to 2 days. After that period, just trim it to maintain it’s brief size. In case you develop hair above your cheeks, just shave it habitually to take care of the look. It’s also possible to shave the hair rising in your neck area, maintaining the stubbles targeted simply around the lower area of your face.

Short Stubble Beard

Medium Stubble Beard StylesOriginally posted at Actual Men Actual Type

11. Medium Stubble

However, in case you are a part of the group of males who forego trimming their brief stubble, then you’ll be able to go for the medium stubble. If it matches your private fashion then, by all means, persist with it simply don’t overlook to trim approximately three to 5mm long. It is going to in all probability make you look scruffy just a little bit, but when correctly maintained, it should certainly deliver out your machismo image.


All face shapes

Learn how to Achieve:

Make it possible for your beard doesn’t go beyond your cheek and neck space, so trim or shave all these extra growths. Maintain the length no more than 5mm so it is best to have an excellent trimmer as you will use it a minimum of as soon as each week.

Medium Stubble Beard Styles

Long Stubble Beard StylesInitially posted at Actual Men Actual Fashion

12. Lengthy Stubble

Measuring about 6mm, the long stubble is kinda tough to take care of in comparison with the brief and medium counterparts as it needs to be trimmed properly to eliminate stray hairs, particularly people who develop on the cheek and above Adam’s apple.


All face shapes

The way to Achieve:

Don’t shave your beard for every week or two, till it reaches 6mm. Hold it nicely trimmed so that it’ll seem like a “shadow” on the lower third space of your face. Just remember to eliminate the stray hair using a trimmer or shaver.

Long Stubble Beard Styles

Van Dyke Beard StylesInitially posted at Actual Men Actual Type

13. Van Dyke

This beard type was derived from a well-liked Flemish painter from the 17th century, Anthony Van Dyke, because it was his signature look. It’s a combination of a goatee and a mustache, with a a lot delicate precision.


Men with slender chin

The right way to Achieve:

Wait until your beard becomes lengthy stubbles. Slowly form your beard utilizing a superb shaver. Shave off all the hair on your neck, cheeks and sideburns. Depart your mustache untouched. Form your beard on the chin area by forming an inverted T. Let the beard on your chin grow until it reaches about 2 inches. Trim once in some time to realize the V form.

Van Dyke Beard Styles

Retaining your Beard Styles

Taking good care of your beard ought to be accomplished appropriately. Longer beards require thorough care to keep it resplendent. Hold in thoughts that you need to hold it clean at all times as it may be an excellent haven for bacteria, thus, making you prone to an infection. Washing it repeatedly using a light shampoo and conditioner will hold it tender and clean. Utilizing a conditioner can also be advisable. After washing, gently dry it utilizing a delicate cotton towel. If there are tangles, use a wide-toothed comb. It’s also possible to use beard oils and waxes to keep it well-groomed.

We hope you’ve got successfully found what you need this 2019 with the assistance of our listing of beard types.

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