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5 Women Share Their Hair Problems

Five ladies with totally different hair-concerns contacted me these days. I assumed to answer them by way of this publish in detail as we speak! When you have acquired a query to ask me, be happy drop me an e-mail or a WhatsApp textual content. Thoughts you, I often respond to genuine, properly-formatted queries. (Not simply hair-related, I also like receiving weird questions over e-mail.)

Measured my hair and lately updated my hair care routine HERE

1. How Do I Develop Out My Brief Afro Hair? : by Valuable, South Africa

Hiya, how are you? Valuable is my identify. I’m going to high school. I need to grow out my hair naturally. My hair is natural, afro hair, identical to any South African lady’s. Nevertheless it’s nonetheless very, what can I say? It’s tough and it stretches nevertheless it’s very brief. I want some tips to grow my hair and nonetheless want it to be pure as it’s now. I don’t need to change the texture of my afro hair; just need to make it longer. Can you please give me some ideas? I can send you a picture in an effort to see my hair. (Picture is hidden)

My routine: I exploit Vaseline as my hair moisturizer. The problems start once I wash my haır. I often wash my haır with unusual cleaning soap. If I exploit a shampoo, my hair goes back down. It reduces. I also expose my hair to sunlight and it typically shed excessively.

My reply: Hello, Valuable! I’m doing properly. How have you been? I’m impressed that you simply need to preserve your natural-hair and never stretch/rebond it. Accepting your hair the best way it is step one I’d recommend anyone who begins their hair progress journey. I want you the perfect. Hold loving your afro and by no means change its lovely texture.

Coming to your question – since Afro hair is often curly, it takes numerous time for the growth (length) to point out up. In contrast to straight hair, untreated Afro hair takes time to go previous your shoulders. It doesn’t mean your hair isn’t rising, it’s simply that it’s curly and the brand new progress isn’t seen much. (Until you heat-stretch, but I actually don’t need you to do it)

Hold treating your hair proper. I can’t stress this sufficient but eat healthy meals. I do know you go to high school and issues can get hectic, but get sufficient meals and relaxation. Never skip meals! Trust me it’ll make you shed extra. Watch your day by day protein consumption. Eat chickpeas, eggs and fish everyday. (You want enough proteins to grow out your hair quick) and extra importantly, oil your hair at the very least twice every week and mandatorily before every hair wash. By no means soap/shampoo dry hair.

You’ve mentioned that you simply keep away from shampoo because it causes excessive shedding. If soap fits your hair, all high-quality. Simply ensure you don’t use onerous water with soap or do the final rinse with consuming water, just to avoid soap buildup on your scalp. Clear scalp – fast progress.

Avoid exposing your hair to daylight – UV rays can injury your hair a lot, and make it lose the shine. Wear a hat or a scarf. In case you fear that your hair is rough, incorporate numerous oils in your hair care routine. Experient. Oiling never will get previous! Don’t put vaseline (petroleum jelly) on your hair. I’ll never advocate it. It will get caught on your hair, suffocates it and causes buildup. Your hair follicles need a provide of oxygen to flourish and develop. You really don’t need something inorganic on your hair.

I recommend that you simply use pure oils on your hair as an alternative of scented/tinted ones. I want I might ship my product to you but unfortunately, I don’t ship worldwide as of now. And so, I recommend that you simply use pure coconut oil on your hair! To eliminate roughness and add shine, you possibly can attempt masking your hair with a mix of greek yogurt and lemon a few times in a month.

General, a great hair oiling routine (twice every week), proteins (day-after-day) and rest (get enough night time sleep) will do the trick for you. Write to me after a couple of months with an replace. Joyful hair progress journey! A lot of love from India.

2. Female Sample Baldness & Vitamin D Deficiency: by Anu, Bangalore

Hello Lancy, I’ve learn so much about how you probably did your analysis in hair progress and beyond that. I’ve sample baldness and I’m taking remedy for a similar. Might you please recommend a hair care routine (I’ve chilly issues). Plus, after my supply in 2016, I misplaced numerous hair. Now I’m nonetheless scuffling with hair progress. I’ve thin brittle hair. The physician advised me to take a 5% Minoxidil answer for one yr. And Iron tablets for 6 months. I’m utilizing hair packs that I found on the web. I actually wish when you might help me out in this state of affairs. Because of the scoring warmth in Bangalore, I take head tub twice a day. I sweat rather a lot.

Notes: I had a thyroid check final month and the results came out regular. I’m on a non-vegetarian weight loss plan and we eat the whole lot potential. I had severe Vitamin D deficiency and anemia a number of years back. I took remedy for that; now I’m alright. Is there any probability I can develop out my hair?

My reply: Hi Anu, I can undoubtedly recommend hair care concepts. Going by the small print you shared with me, I feel your vitamin-D deficiency is inflicting your hair to fall out. Because you eat properly and your thyroid levels are normal as nicely, the vitamin deficiency (together with anemia) might very properly be the wrongdoer. I obtained to see the photographs you despatched and I see that you simply’ve lost the quantity of your hair through the years. I’m actually sorry that you simply go through this however a bit of excellent news is that it’s reversible.

Proper oiling + vitamin will enhance your hair should you’re consistent. I do not recommend minoxidil. It’s a chemical used to deal with hair loss nevertheless it doesn’t carry a 100% success price, plus the consequences will not be long-term – which suggests you’ll lose the hair once you cease utilizing the chemical. Why I gained’t recommend extended utilization is that it’s probably carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and hence has been banned in lots of nations.

I understand that you’ve chilly points. Keep away from utilizing oils that include henna and amla and keep away from oiling your hair at night time. To stop chilly, embrace mustard oil in your hair oiling-treatments. It warms up your scalp and improves the blood circulation without making you catch a cold. And you don’t actually need to scrub your hair day-after-day; when you still should, to eliminate sweat residue, avoid using shampoo every single day. I recommend you do the following quickly.

1. Verify your serum levels of Vitamin D3 and RBC rely.
2. Discontinue minoxidil, in the event you can. If I have been you, I gained’t use it. Use natural oils on your scalp and hair twice to thrice every week.
three. Get daylight through the golden hours of the day, however not direct sunlight on the scalp.
Four. Embrace seafood/mushrooms to your weight-reduction plan, if attainable. These enhance your Vitamin-D levels. Continue your Iron dietary supplements. They might help you overcome anemia (which may again be one of many major causes of hair loss) And ask your doc if he can prescribe B12 photographs/dietary supplements to increase your RBC ranges (In the event that they’re low).

My dad had RBC less than 8 six months ago and his scalp seemed unusually scanty at that time. But now that he’s getting treated/getting his B12 via supplement and meals, his scalp has gotten denser, his hair is growing out long and he’s refusing to chop his hair. I needed to share his experience with you to only offer you an concept of how deficiencies can affect your hair. (Your body solely uses extreme nutrients in your hair, which is a lifeless cell. So when your physique lacks vitamins for the essential functioning of organs, the availability to hair follicles scale back/cease. Hair indicates health.)

Please write back to me when you get your blood reviews, Anu. And don’t overlook to start out your oiling routine; the earlier, the better. I can sponsor my product to you and assist you develop your hair for those who’ll be fascinated about collaborating in a hair progress problem. Do let me know should you’ll have an interest. We’ll talk about extra.

three. Reversing 10 Years of Chemical Straightening Injury: by Sheetal, Siliguri

Hey hello. I had a number of hair queries. Are you able to assist me out? I’ve been completely straightening my hair from the previous 10 years and consequently, my hair has turn into very dry, broken, frizzy and curly. It was wavy. And in addition, I’ve received loads of white hair too, mostly on each side. Can you recommend some residence cures or anything that may help me out? TIA!

My reply: Hello, Sheetal! I can certainly assist you to out. Years of warmth and chemical injury actually impacts your hair follicles and strands negatively. I’m glad you’ve come to comprehend that and I consider you will avoid chemical-straightening your hair any more. This will be the first/sensible step you’re taking.

Secondly, you mentioned that you simply started seeing pre-mature grey hairs. Sadly, the strong-chemicals on perming solutions utilized in salons may cause premature graying as a result of they deplete the melanin in your hair. Thankfully, that is very a lot reversible with a correct hair care routine. Change to gentler hair care merchandise and oil your hair thrice every week to offer it the moisture it needs. At present, your hair is dry and damaged. We should always nourish it as much as attainable to strengthen the weak, frizzy strands. All the time oil generously and do a two-minute scalp therapeutic massage before every hair wash. Never shampoo dry hair as it could actually make your hair even more broken and lifeless.

For now, intense oiling remedies should help. (I can sponsor my product to you in case you want to attempt it in your chemical-damaged hair and share the outcomes) Fixed oiling will be sure that the brand new progress is healthy, robust and lustrous. For graying, you possibly can attempt a mix or henna/indigo to conceal them for now and do add plenty of curry leaves in your eating regimen to eliminate the grey strands ultimately. My mom swears by curry leaves and dates to maintain her grey stands at bay. (I additionally recommend you get examined for iron deficiency and if constructive, change your food plan accordingly)

General, ditch the perms and embrace natural hair. Oil frequently. Eat properly. It is best to begin seeing the modifications in your hair texture quickly! All the perfect on your new hair journey, Sheetal!

Four. Lost My Hair to Repeated Layered Cuts: by Amrutha, Kerala

Hello, I’m 22 years previous. I used to have very thick and lengthy hair till I used to be 17. As a result of lack of care, I began to lose a variety of hair. So I had a layered hair minimize until my shoulder. That was the worst choice of my life. After that also I had layer minimize again Four-5 occasions because of the beautician saying that it’ll make my hair look thick. However truly, I used to be dropping my volume of hair.

I started stressing so much which elevated my hair fall. Now I’ve extremely thin hair. I just trimmed the ends myself as a result of I’m scared to go to Salon as they’ll once more layer minimize my hair. That is the present situation of my hair. Please assist me, ma’am. I’ve seen your weblog. You’re my final hope. Please don’t ignore this message.

My reply: Hello, Amrutha! I’m really sorry that you simply needed to undergo these. I had personally seen it happen to individuals many occasions the place hairstylists literally drive their shoppers to have a haircut. I strongly condemn this as it’s unethical and silly. As soon as, a woman beautician (not a hairstylist) instructed I get a layered hair reduce as a result of my hair was multi functional length and seemed boring for my age. I stated no; then she instructed a trim. I refused once more. She was visibly disenchanted and guess what, she advised this once I went for waxing, not even to avail a hair service.

This happened at a very reputed salon and I’ve stopped my monthly waxing visits, only as a result of I’m finished with their nagging and pushy-behavior. It’s like they need to CUT my hair greater than something! Not only there, however it also happens at many salons in India. Next time, please watch out and have management over what they do to your pores and skin and hair if you visit a parlor or a salon.

To get again your hair, do comply with a proper hair care routine (which includes regular oiling, usage of mild cleansers and no-exposure to sunlight) and eat the proper meals. Hair progress takes time. I understand you remorse chopping your lovely hair, however with endurance, you’ll get it back again. You just have to be constant and affected person. Avoid trims, even at house, until it’s very needed. (Fairy-tale ends are lovely too.) You’ll be able to all the time trim after you attain the objective size and thickness but frequent trims gained’t let you develop longer hair. Use pure, unadulterated oils on your hair to improve the shine and thickness. Together with a whole lot of protein in your food plan will even help.

Please do read the other answers in this publish to get an concept on how you can develop out your hair naturally. You’ll be able to attempt my product on a challenge when you wish to. Be happy to put in writing to me anytime. I wish you all one of the best in your hair progress journey!

5. IBD & Hair Thinning: by Lakshmi, India

Pricey Lancy,

Let me begin by saying that I really like your blog with its helpful ideas and cures 🙂 I’m 26 years previous, and I’ve already lost so much hair I feel I’m virtually bald. I can’t even tie a ponytail because it’s so miserably skinny.

I never really took care of my hair in childhood apart from weekly oiling, nevertheless, my hair was wholesome shiny and powerful.

Once I shifted to the hostel for school my hair started falling slowly nevertheless I was never fearful, I didn’t have a nutritious weight-reduction plan either on wanting back.

3 years ago nevertheless I developed IBD, a bowel disorder and it was uncontrolled for a yr, and for the subsequent 2 years, I had heavy hair shedding. I tried the whole lot, cried, tried each treatment on the Web in desperation to no avail.

3 months in the past I shifted to a brand new place for work, with recent air and cleaner water, and in addition started taking loads of dietary supplements and watching my weight loss plan much more and I see a variety of improvement (after 2 years of heart-wrenching hair fall). Additionally, my illness received underneath management finally a yr in the past.

I oil my hair once to twice every week, and as per ur advice wash with shikakai. I see a exceptional distinction nevertheless I’m afraid if my hair simply gained’t get thick once more. Actually, I’m afraid to go to the salon coz they could simply chop all of it off coz it’s so thin.

Might you help me and give me some recommendation? I’m ready to do anything actually take any pains and do the whole lot necessary to regain my hair. Thanks a lot.


My reply: Hi Lakshmi, I’m actually sorry for the very delayed reply. I someway missed your e mail. I assumed better late than by no means, and hence, answering your query at this time. Unsure if will probably be useful anymore, nonetheless making an attempt.

IBD/IBS could be both bodily and mentally straining. I’m sorry you had been via that. I empathize with you. I am also glad that you simply’ve recovered and that you’ve access to recent hair and clean water now. Please proceed consuming right and love your body! Whenever you eat proper, it exhibits up on every different facet of your life – your productivity, your well being, and yes, your hair, as nicely! That’s why I don’t think about hair care as solely an aesthetic factor. Hair reflects your body, feelings and your well being.

Don’t fear concerning the misplaced thickness. With proper routine & weight-reduction plan, you will achieve back your hair. Nevertheless, you’ll need endurance. Gaining thickness takes extra time than gaining length. Your hair progress cycle should stability itself from the trauma. Do weekly oiling remedies at residence. Use either pure coconut oil or you’ll be able to attempt my formulation if you want.

I am not positive if I have ever experienced IBD however I do know I’m gluten-sensitive. Intake of gluten ruins my digestive system, urge for food and I shed extra once I eat gluten-y food. I’m on a gluten-free weight loss plan for almost a yr now and it’s good on my hair. Are you positive you’ve recovered 100% and that IBD is just not contributing to your hair loss anymore? If thinning persists for more than 6 months, and in case you also don’t see an improvement in length, please examine together with your doctor once. Avoid allergens in your food regimen and have a light, yet protein-rich eating regimen in your hair progress. Proteins are a must!

To acquire the specified quantity, I recommend you eat loads of eggs, legumes, and spinach. For those who’re a vegetarian/vegan, attempt soy merchandise, however only if you’re not allergic. Be very cautious together with your food regimen. Oil your hair twice every week (thrice if your hair is extremely dry) and get proper night time sleep. Comply with these persistently for 3 months and write to me again. All one of the best!

Wrapping up! Virtually 3000 phrases! I spent the last 5 & hours penning down this submit and now I deserve some good food and rest. It all the time feels good to write down again to my readers and I remorse that I couldn’t get again to lots of you. I’m really sorry about that. Please don’t hesitate to ping me once more. (E mail, Whatsapp, Instagram, anyplace!) I’m doing my greatest to squeeze in time to answer your questions.

Please drop within the remark section under on how you relate yourself to the women on the query-section right now. When you ask me – I needed to grow out my hair throughout my faculty days, identical to how Valuable needs to. I’ve had several pathetic hair chops in my early teens, however in contrast to Amrutha who had been pressured by the parlor-lady, in my case, I pressured them to chop my hair!. Not exactly but just like Lakshmi, I had skilled gluten-sensitivity and hair-loss triggered by that. I overcame that with diet-tweaks. And frequent oiling helps my hair more than anything! How is your relationship together with your hair?

Let’s do some hair speak!