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Best Hairstyles to Grow an Epic Man Bun or Top Knot

It is a reality that the majority guys who need to get a man bun will start their man-bun journey with brief hair or medium-length hair. Thus, one question that I get rather a lot at my barbershop is what hairstyles to use while growing a person bun or whereas transitioning to a man bun. Whereas I’ve coated on this website a number of the totally different hair types and haircuts that you should use to get a person bun, I’d like to publish this definitive information with all the most effective hairstyles to use while growing a person bun or a prime knot.

One thing to keep in mind in this guide is that a prime knot coiffure will require that the edges and again of your head are stored buzzed or trimmed very brief. When you’re not sure of the distinction between a man bun and a prime knot, then go ahead and skim my in style man bun and prime knot guide which explains all of the differences among the man buns and prime knots of our bro-bun kingdom.

In essence, nevertheless, a man bun (i.e. a “full” bun) has the hair on the edges and back of your head just so long as the hair on the top of the top. A prime knot (i.e. a “semi” bun) has the hair on the edges and back of the top buzzed with a hair clipper (e.g. an undercut) or tapered in a very brief size (e.g. a brief taper minimize).

Following from the previous paragraph and in order to guarantee that you could tell the distinction between a person bun and a prime knot, right here’s a top-view image illustrating a person bun coiffure:

Heck, I’m positive that the image under of Donald Trump’s man bun (as an alternative of his normal combover hairstyle) will get the purpose throughout even higher: a person bun requires longer hair (than a prime knot) and all the hair on the top is to be used to tie the only bun.

A hilarious picture of Donald Trump with a man bun hairstyle and long hair instead of his usual combover

In distinction with the two manbun footage above (including the ever-so-epic man bun of Donald Trump), here’s (under) a before-and-after picture of a prime knot hairstyle for you to tell the distinction between a prime knot and man bun:

A great before-and-after picture of a male with medium-length hair and a top knot hairstyle trimmed at a barbershop

Discover how, in the before-and-after topknot image above, the hair on the highest is hardly of (what we might think about) an extended size and is simply over 6 inches in size on the entrance, which allows for the tying of a small bun (i.e. a “knot”) on the vertex area of the top. Likewise, the hair under the top of the top (i.e. the hair on the edges and the again) is buzzed, which is the other hair-length format of the aforementioned man bun.

Right, now that you recognize the distinction between a person bun and a topknot, let’s continue with our man-bun transitioning guide. Nevertheless, earlier than proceeding with the complete rationalization of every of one of the best hairstyles fitted to the rising part of the person bun and the highest knot, I’ll first listing under the precise hairstyles that I’ll be going via:

  • Slicked again coiffure
  • Slicked again undercut hairstyle
  • Surfer-dude coiffure
  • Layered haircut
  • Center-part coiffure
  • Aspect swept undercut coiffure
  • Aspect half with tape haircut
  • Aspect fringe with taper haircut
  • Mop prime coiffure
  • Aspect-parted quiff with government contour haircut
  • Curly hair (explained as an further section in this guide)

Let’s get on with explaining each of these hairstyles intimately so to transition to a man bun or a prime knot like a Sir; no matter what your beginning hair size might presently be!

Slicked again hairstyle

As your hair gets longer, it may possibly develop into a multitude to type. Likewise, many guys who want to develop a person bun do additionally want to give you the option to sport a proper take a look at work as their hair grows longer. Ergo, the slicked back hairstyle is by far one of the best type to use in knowledgeable setting as you get nearer and nearer to your man-bun objective together with your growing hair.

A photograph of a male with a casual slicked back hairstyle done with a water-based pomade on wavy hair

The perfect hair product to slick again your hair is a pomade. Select a strong-hold pomade with as much shine as you favor. If you’d like a super-shiny look that looks “greased up”, then select an oil-based pomade. For those who would moderately have a cleaner look (i.e. less “greased up”) while nonetheless holding your hair slicked back securely, then choose a water-based pomade. Since I can be going recommending the totally different hair product varieties to fashion these transitioning hairstyles, I extremely advocate that you simply read this males’s hair styling merchandise information which fits by way of all the products that you need to use to fashion any sort of male coiffure, including those in this guide.

As far as transitioning to both of our two “bun” hairstyles, select a slicked again hairstyle if you would like to grow a full man bun.

Slicked back undercut hairstyle

The slicked back undercut was a very fashionable coiffure within the early 2010s due to the popularity of the TV show Boardwalk Empire. In this TV present, one among its major characters referred to as Jimmy Darmody wears a slicked again undercut hairstyle. By proxy (i.e. due to the popularity of Jimmy Darmody as one of many present’s character), the slicked again undercut skyrocketed in reputation in 2011 all the best way to 2013; it was an enormous thing and, back then, we might get dozens of undercut-haircut requests every day at our barbershop.

A picture of a cool slicked back undercut done on gray hair and complemented with a gray-colored beard

By the way, the popularity of the slicked again undercut pale in 2014 to make method for the highest knot coiffure. Because the hair within the slicked back undercut is stored very brief with a single hair-clipper size, the transition to a prime knot (which benefits from an undercut) was extremely straightforward, since all you need was a few additional months to develop the hair on the highest of your head a bit of longer to tie it as a prime knot.

One of the best hair product for the slicked back undercut is a pomade if you would like to maintain your slick-back undercut flattened or a styling cream if you would like your hair to be unfastened and dangling within the slicked back undercut.

Surfer-dude hairstyle

A surfer-dude hairstyle is a coiffure that has a relatively-similar size of hair all throughout the scalp. Once your hair reaches 4 inches in size, you start to type it in a shaggy and tousled method with a styling wax. You keep this hairstyle till your hair reaches the minimum size for a man bun which is 8 inches of hair size. You can too aspect part the hair because it gets longer.

A picture of a surfer hairstyle styled by a blonde long-haired guy

Use the surfer hairstyle to grow a person bun, not a prime knot.

Layered haircut

A layered haircut allows your hair to have a very comparable length all throughout the scalp, which is what issues if you would like to develop a person bun. From a layered haircut, you’ll be able to just about choose any coiffure that you simply fancy, although a curtained fashion works the perfect with a layered haircut because the hair hangs down and low easily; even the mighty middle-parted coiffure (see the subsequent fashion) works rather well with a layered haircut.

A professional barbershop picture of a curly male with a Jim Morrison hairstyle and a neatly-trimmed layered haircut

With a layered haircut, you can even half your hair to the aspect for a side-part coiffure or a side-swept hairstyle; nevertheless, these two side-parted types aren’t very sensible as soon as your hair is longer than 6 inches of size.

Middle half hairstyle

The center-part hairstyle was the hairstyle of the 1990s. Identical to nowadays we now have the person bun everywhere in the United States, the identical occurred with the middle-part coiffure in the ’90s; and, not simply in america, but all of Europe was taken over by the middle-parted fashion within the ’90s too!

A picture of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys with a middle-parted curtains hairstyle done on his blonde medium-length hair

The middle half coiffure is a quite simple type that, because the identify implies, has you parting your hair in the center. As soon as your hair reaches 6 inches in size and beyond, your mane will generally tend to go together with gravity and hold down; thus, parting your hair on the middle of your head allows for it to grasp down with out inflicting any nuisances (e.g. blocking your eyes). As a bonus tip, all the key TV heartthrobs within the 1990s had a middle part hairstyle; that’s enough of a very good purpose to sport the coiffure as your hair will get longer!

You need to use the middle-parted coiffure as you grow a person bun (in the event you hold all of the hair on the scalp on the similar length) or a prime knot (in the event you depart the edges and back of your head very brief or at a buzz-cut size). You can even use the middle-part coiffure when your man bun is untied (i.e. your lengthy hair is hanging down). A styling cream is the perfect sort of males’s hair product for the middle-parted hairstyle.

Aspect swept undercut coiffure

As I discussed earlier, a aspect swept with lengthy hair all throughout the top (i.e. sides and back included) turns into a very tough factor. This is primarily as a result of the hair on the edges and again of the top becomes a pain in the behind to maintain swept and secured when it’s longer than 5 inches in length. Nevertheless, the hair on the highest of the top can remain swept, secured and flat at very long lengths, and this is the place the aspect swept undercut hairstyle comes in.

A aspect swept undercut is nothing more than having your hair parted at both of your temples (left or proper) whereas the hair on the edges and back of the top stays buzzed at a very-short size with a single hair-clipper length (i.e. a “textbook” undercut haircut).

A barbershop picture of a cool side swept undercut styled with an oil pomade

A aspect swept undercut is the right answer for those of you who work in a very formal setting (e.g. workplace jobs or corporate jobs). It’s because the flattened swept hair seems to be very formal, even when the hair is at 6 inches of length (which is the minimum length for a prime knot). Both the aspect swept undercut and the slicked again undercut are the most effective formal hairstyles for these of you wanting to develop your hair long in an office-type setting. And, as with the slicked back undercut, a pomade is the most effective men’s hair product to use for the aspect swept undercut.

As stated, the aspect swept undercut is the perfect coiffure to grow a prime knot. Moreover, since a prime knot by no means exceeds 8 inches on the highest of the top, you’ll be able to continue to use the aspect swept undercut as a daily coiffure whenever you don’t really feel like tying your hair into a prime knot.

Aspect half with taper haircut

The aspect half with a taper haircut is the last word basic hairstyle for men. The hair is parted at both the left or right temple and the hair on the edges and again of the top is steadily tapered. The hair is combed as vertical as attainable to the parted line, describing a clean and even path of the hair across the top of the top. In contrast to the aspect swept coiffure, a side-parted hairstyle leaves some quantity on the hair (i.e. it isn’t flattened and slicked as with a aspect swept type). Ergo, the perfect merchandise for a aspect part hairstyle are styling lotions, hair gels and hair mousse.

A barbershop photograph of a customer with a professionally-trimmed taper haircut to enhance his classic side part hairstyle

As opposed to the side-fringe hairstyle (see the subsequent coiffure), a aspect part does not depart a fringe of hair hovering over the forehead, though a very-narrow fringe often occurs naturally at the forelock from merely protecting the hair combed vertically to the parted line.

A aspect part coiffure with a taper haircut is a good way to develop a prime knot. When you attain the minimum length for the top knot, you’re then free to hold the same size of the taper haircut on the edges and again of your head, or to as an alternative shorten the taper reduce or turn it into an undercut.

Aspect fringe with taper haircut

As with the aspect swept, a aspect fringe has the hair parted at either of your temples and combed to the aspect. Nevertheless, in contrast to the aspect swept, a aspect fringe leaves the hair on the forelock (i.e. the hair at the front) masking your forehead. The hair making the perimeter is angled, as the hair maintains the side-combed path of the parted hair.

A photograph of a male model with a side fringe hairstyle and a taper haircut for his medium-length blonde hair

A aspect fringe coiffure works greatest with a taper haircut. In a taper haircut, the hair on the edges and again of your head is regularly lowered in length. You’ll be able to choose this gradual shortening of the hair to be as “long” as you need it to be: simply tell your barber that you want your taper haircut to be brief, medium or lengthy.

You might, nevertheless, nonetheless go together with an undercut together with your aspect fringe coiffure; it’s a bit more of an extreme look, however it should go very nicely as a complementary hairstyle to the aspect swept undercut described beforehand.

A photograph of a handsome male model with a side fringe hairstyle and an undercut haircut

For a aspect fringe as a coiffure to use when growing a prime knot, I recommend that you simply go together with a short taper haircut. A brief tape is completed solely with a hair clipper. The hair on the prime of the edges and back of the top (the place it meets the highest of the top) is buzzed with the longest hair-clipper length out there and, then, the hair is progressively buzzed shorter in the direction of the hairline of the ears and neck. Don’t fear if this seems like some voodoo magic, simply tell your barber that you want a brief taper haircut carried out with a hair clipper, and he or she is going to know what to do exactly.

A aspect fringe with a taper haircut is a superb coiffure to use as you grow your prime knot. The shortly-tapered sides and again enhance the top knot, so you’ll be able to alternate day by day between the aspect fringe type and the top knot fashion.

Mop prime hairstyle

The mop prime hairstyle was all the craze within the 1960s thanks to The Beatles and the Beatlemania that swept via america, Europe and Australia.

The mop prime coiffure retains your hair on the similar length all across the scalp (or in an extended taper reduce) and it is stored flattened. The hair on the forelock (i.e. the hair above your brow) is to be left as bangs overlaying your forehead. Once your hair is lengthy sufficient to block your eyes, you sweep the hair throughout the brow to depart a fringe.

A classic photograph of George Harrison from The Beatles with a textbook mop top hairstyle for medium-length hair

The primary distinction between the mop prime coiffure and the surfer hairstyle is that the latter has a messy element (i.e. a messy look) whereas the previous has the hair neatly combed flat and down.

You might also turn your mop prime into a aspect combover coiffure in the likes of Justin Bieber’s coiffure before he started dwelling the “gangsta” way of life; you go from a mop prime to a aspect combover by simply combing your hair to the aspect beginning on the left or right ear. There isn’t a parted line in a aspect combover coiffure; as an alternative, all the hair is combed to the proper or to the left relying on your own choice.

A picture of a young male with a side combover hairstyle used to grow a man bun in the next couple of months

The mop prime coiffure is an effective coiffure to use as you grow your hair longer in order to sport a person bun. Nevertheless, as soon as your moptop is 6 inches lengthy, change to the slicked back hair fashion till you attain eight inches of hair length in order to then tie a person bun. Use a styling cream on your mopped prime.

Aspect-parted quiff with government contour haircut

These days, the chief contour haircut with a side-parted quiff or with side-parted hair only is all the craze. This specific coiffure is the present flagship coiffure for hipsters and it’s the medium-length equivalent (when it comes to reputation) of the highest knot.

An government contour haircut, also referred to as an government haircut or a mid-contour haircut, is a tapered reduce accomplished on the edges and back of the top. The hair is first tapered with scissors after which it is buzzed with a hair clipper. It definitely isn’t an straightforward haircut but any good hairdresser or barber shall be in a position to do it. The chief haircut can also be referred to as a regulation haircut within the army, so, if in case you have a barber who has been within the army or who has loads of expertise with the several types of army haircuts, then rely your self lucky!

A barbershop photograph of a male hipster with a side quiff hairstyle and an executive haircut

Whereas the edges and again of the top are reduce as an government contour, the hair on the highest is left to develop to a size ranging between 6 to eight inches so as to then tie it right into a prime knot. With that stated, until you could have enough size to tie a prime knot, the hair in the side-parted quiff is, because the identify rightfully implies, parted to the aspect (once more, at either of your temples) whereas the hair on the forelock is given some volume and combed at a backward angle from the forehead (thus barely breaking the evenly-combed look of the remainder of the hair.

With the side-parted quiff hairstyle, chances are you’ll simply keep away from the quiff and simply part your hair to the aspect while protecting your sides and back of the top in an government contour haircut. Actually, you’ll be able to change forwards and backwards between an even side-parted type and a side-parted quiff type on the highest of your head as your hair grows longer.

A barbershop photograph of a young Latino male with an executive contour haircut trimmed for his side part hairstyle

Because the government contour haircut is a superb haircut for the highest knot hairstyle, using a side-parted quiff with an government haircut is a good way to naturally grow into a prime knot. Use hair gel or hair wax to type your side-parted quiff or to merely comb your hair to the aspect.

Long curly hair

Right, lengthy curly hair in itself isn’t a hairstyle or a haircut, however it deserves being mentioned in this guide. The rationale? Properly, as long curly hair gets longer, it will probably utterly get uncontrolled should you don’t care for your curls, and also you definitively are not looking for that in the event you’re growing a curly man bun or prime knot! This “wild-hair” problem specifically impacts males with coiled curly hair and kinky curly hair, which are the curliest hair varieties beneath the ISEZ hair sort technique from Rogelio Samson. For those who happen to have curly hair, you’ll be very aware of this situation of your curls puffing up and out once you cross the 2-inch length barrier.

A picture of a black male with medium-length afro hair as he grows it long to sport a kinky-curly manbun hairstyle

All of the hairstyles that I’ve detailed above may be achieved with curly hair, but you want to find out how to maintain your curls. See the link above to read my interview with Rogelio Samson as he is the guy to go to when it comes to curly hair for men. It’s essential for you to find out how to management your curly mane because it grows as a result of, once your curly hair is at the minimal length for a prime knot or for a person bun, you’ll have plenty of hair bulk and volume, which can cause aesthetic issues very fast should you don’t know anything about curly hair care.

A photograph of Spanish singer David Bisbal with his long curly hair untied after sporting a man bun during a concert in Mexico

It’s right here that I highly advocate using headbands for curly men who’re growing their curls so as to put them in a bun or knot. A headscarf is a hair accessory used throughout the top of the top so as to pull the forelock’s curls back. For those who’re having curly-hair issues as your hair gets longer or when you aren’t getting good results from the hairstyles beneficial on your man bun, then you possibly can merely slap a headscarf across your head, pull your curls back and that may remedy (to an extent) your curly challenge.

A photograph of a set of headbands for long-haired men with man buns and top knots

Curly guys aren’t the only ones to benefit from using headbands. Any male growing his hair lengthy will benefit from having a couple of headbands useful for these days when one’s own hair doesn’t seem or need to co-operate. You possibly can even use a headscarf together with your man bun in that the scarf will pull back any hair strands or locks which are too brief to be tied into the manbun or topknot. The chances are infinite, and headbands are dirty low cost so grab a number of from the ones that I like to recommend in my hair merchandise guide for the person bun.

A picture of a guy with a headband for his medium-length slicked back hair as he grows a man bun hairstyle

Lastly, keep in mind that a headscarf shouldn’t be a hair band. Whereas both kinds of bands are elastic, a headscarf is to be positioned throughout your head (to pull the hair again) and a hair band (also called an elastic band or scrunchie) is a smaller band used to tie the bun itself in the man bun and prime knot. Like headbands, though, hair bands are extraordinarily low cost and I all the time advocate that you simply purchase at the least a dozen each time that you simply store for them (you may as well get the ones that I exploit in my previously-linked product guide for the man bun).

Conclusion to our hairstyles information to transition to a person bun or prime knot

There you might have it, people; I’ve gone by means of on this guide via all of the optimum hairstyles to choose when growing your man bun or prime knot. Many of those hairstyles are interchangeable in you could alternate by way of some of them day by day. Even better, some of these hairstyles, just like the slicked back undercut, may be alternated with a person bun or with a prime knot; thus enhancing your range of hairstyles to select from after you have the length wanted in your chosen “bun” type.

In any case, these hairstyles and haircuts are only there to assist you achieve your man-bun or top-knot objectives with type and aesthetics, so do all the time keep in mind to keep your endurance in the course of the transition part as the months go by and your hair retains getting longer and longer. You’ll get to your man-bun or top-knot destination sooner or later, and will probably be properly value it!

When you’ve got any questions concerning the hairstyles on this guide, then please let me know within the feedback section under. You can even go to my Man Bun and Top Knot FAQ which covers intimately all the questions and points that I’ve faced as a long-haired and manbun-wearing barber all through my profession.

Guide final updated: 1st April 2019