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Best Long Hair Styling Products for Men

So recently I’ve been getting questions on that are the perfect lengthy hair styling merchandise around for men. No, I’m not talking of males’s hair merchandise typically, but relatively I’m talking particularly of hair products to type long hair.

Now, the man bun coiffure is an extended hairstyle and as such, I’ve revealed a information on man bun hair merchandise that takes you thru the perfect hair products for each manbuns and topknots. Since these two hairstyles are tied atop one’s head, hair styling merchandise aren’t as particular and essential as hair-care merchandise like hair conditioners and leave-in conditioners are. Then again, go through any of the various lengthy hairstyles for males and you will notice that many of these males’s long types require the hair to be shaped, combed and tousled; and that, my good friend, is the place hair-styling products (virtually) grow to be a necessity.

A photograph of a hipster male shaking back and forth his wet long hair as he comes out of the lakeSo with a purpose to answer the questions on hair styling merchandise for long manes that I’ve been getting these days, I’m going to run by way of all those products that you have to be contemplating whether or not you have got long hair (i.e. hair longer than 6 inches) or whether or not you’re rising your hair lengthy.

Hair gel for long males’s hair

Most of you may be acquainted with hair gel; it’s the type of product that we’ve all grown with since we have been youngsters. Nevertheless, not every one knows how you can use hair gel properly, much less utilizing it on long hair.

A photograph of a tub of hairstyling gel made with olive oil for curly hair menTo appropriately use hair gel, you need to first have your hair damp. Never use hair gel on dry hair’ anyone who tells you in any other case doesn’t know a thing about hair styling (and I’ve heard this being stated by hairdressers even). Hair gel requires moisture to yield its maximum effect, so towel dry your hair after wetting it so that it (your hair) is damp. Then apply as little as potential in your hair through the use of your fingers to type the hair as desired; use a comb (or a wide-tooth comb for you curly hair dudes) and add some extra hair gel (in small amounts) as you require for your long mane’s coiffure.

A photograph at the barbershop of a heavy metal guy with his long mane styled down to his hips with hair gelFor lengthy hair, never use extra-strong hair gel. Guys with lengthy straight hair can use each medium-hold hair gel and low-hold hair gel; these with curly hair (i.e. wavy to kinky curly hair) should persist with low-hold hair gel.

Pomade for long males’s hair

Pomade for lengthy hair must be used for these hairstyles that require the hair to be slicked back, middle parted or aspect swept. Nothing extra. Likewise, as soon as your hair is over 10 inches in length, you need to transfer to different hair styling merchandise if your most important go-to product has been pomade.

A picture of a Goth male with shiny long straight hair styled in a middle-part hairstyle with pomadeLong-haired guys ought to all the time keep on with water-soluble pomades. Don’t even think about using oil-soluble pomades on your valuable lengthy mane as it will probably get fairly freaky up there with those varieties of (oil-based) pomades.

Hairstyling cream for lengthy men’s hair

Once your hair is just too long to have the ability to use pomade, it’s a hairstyling cream that you have to be altering to. Hairstyling products provide additional sheen and natural shine just like pomades, solely that hair styling creams don’t have much holding power, which is OK since just about all lengthy males’s hairstyles are styled down and not up.

A photograph of a young man with very long hair combed with a styling cream and who is half Native American and half whiteGuys with long curly hair should use hairstyling creams as their de facto merchandise. It’s because hairstyling lotions have a further advantage of moisturizing the hair; thus, hairstyling creams are superior at taming frizz and at serving to curly hair turn out to be more shaped and lustrous.

A photograph of a middle-aged male with lustrous long curly hair styled down with a hairstyling cream after undoing a manbun on his headHairstyling creams can be referred to as hairstyling lotions or hairdressing creams. Nevertheless, it’s the term “styling cream” or “hairstyling cream” that may make sure that you’re getting a very good product, since hairstyling lotions and hairdressing creams might include oil-based components and different funky components that may do your lengthy mane much less good and more dangerous!

Hairstyling mousse for long men’s hair

Hairstyling mousse (aka “hair mousse”) must be utilized by those trying to improve the quantity of their manes, therefore these merchandise work exceptionally properly for men with long straight hair (straight hair has the least amount of intrinsic volume), males with superb or thin hair and males who’re balding (the latter also needs to use a hair-thickening shampoo for greatest hair-volumizing results).

A photograph of an old man with gray long wavy hair styled back with a hairstyling mousse and a blow dryerHairstyling mousse is to be utilized in your hair only together with your fingers; do not use a comb. Shape, tousle and elegance as you would like wit your fingers alone when using a hairstyling mousse. Use a hair dryer as you fashion your mane with the hair mousse to accentuate the acquired follicular volume.

By far, men with lengthy curly hair will profit probably the most from hairstyling mousse. Actually, in case you have curly hair and also you’ve all the time been a fan of hair gel, then I recommend that you simply attempt a superb hairstyling mousse if or as soon as your hair is at 6 inches (or extra) in size.

Hairstyling wax for long men’s hair

My suggestion for these barbershop shoppers of ours who come into our barbershop wanting to make use of hairstyling waxes for their growing hair is to utterly keep away from (hairstyling) waxes once their hair is over 6 inches in length. It’s just unnecessary and it’ll make a pasty mess in your hair in the event you’re not careful enough. There are a lot better merchandise out there as described on this guide to make use of within the styling of your long mane. Just say “no” to hair wax. Full cease.
A photograph of a tub of hair wax for men

Hairstyling clay for lengthy males’s hair

So here’s the deal: hairstyling clay is a kind of matte-finish hairstyling wax, and hairstyling clay is the only exception that I’d make to the previous claim of avoiding hairstyling waxes for males’s hair. Stated exception can be for these with straight hair who’ve their hair shorter than eight inches in size; for such males, I’d advocate using a hairstyling clay to stye their hair down or in a tied updo like a manbun or a ponytail.

A photograph of an Indian guy with his long hair tied back into a manbun with a middle-parted style by using a hairstyling clay productFor what’s value, hairstyling clay just isn’t the identical as hairstyling fiber, which is a standard mistake that common people make as a result of most males’s hair corporations not being positive themselves of what is what and utilizing fancy terms for their products to keep shoppers confused and dazed with magic words. Hairstyling clay is a kind of low-hold matte hair wax, whereas hairstyling fiber is a kind of strong-hold medium-shine hair wax. Both products are, for probably the most part, water soluble, and regardless of hairstyling clay having a minor position in the styling of long males’s hair, hairstyling fiber does not play any position and is greatest left for brief to medium-length hairstyles.

Hair spray for long hair

Hair spray is, what I call, an ancillary hairstyling product; what this means is that hair spray is beneficial to lock and secure an already-shaped coiffure. So, use any of the previously-described 6 hairstyling products for your lengthy hair and then, for those who’re trying to maintain the same coiffure that you simply’ve given yourself for the entire day, then use the hair spray to safe it all right down to the last hair strand of your mane.

A photograph of a male guitarist with long curly hair styled with hairspray and a leave-in conditionerHair spray must be used about one foot (or 30 centimeters) away from your hair. Your hair ought to already be formed and styled; you do not proceed to type your hair as you spay your hair (which is the reverse of what you’d as an alternative do with a hair dryer as described earlier for hair mousse).

Depart-in conditioner for lengthy hair

Last however not least, leave-in conditioners have a lot to say on the subject of long men’s hair. One of the simplest ways to explain a leave-in conditioner can be as described by Rogelio Samson of “The Men’s Hair Book”: a leave-in conditioner is a watered-down version of a daily rinse-out conditioner. And, when you aren’t conscious of what a rinse-out then you definitely’ve been a nasty boy and haven’t gone by means of my previously-linked information on hair merchandise for the man bun and prime knot hairstyles.

A picture of a young Spanish guy with long curly hair styled after using a leave in conditionerConditioners (each leave-in conditioners and rinse-out conditioners) are hair-care products to make your lengthy hair look better, glossier and moisturized. Conditioners additionally shield your hair and lubricate it, for which the latter helps to avoid hair tangles and matted locks. The primary difference between a leave-in conditioner and a rinse-out conditioner is that a leave-in conditioner is meant to be left within the hair (i.e. not rinsed out) while a rinse-out conditioner is supposed to be rinsed out after 2 minutes (when you apply it in your hair).

A photograph of an attractive redhead male with a hipster beard and long wavy hair styled with a leave-in conditionerThe good information for long-haired dudes is that a leave-in conditioner is a wonderful hair styling device for hairstyles with which the hair is left to dangle and cling unfastened with no maintain. Furthermore, the even-greater information for these dudes with manbuns and topknots is that leave-in conditioners are awesome hair styling merchandise to together with your buns and knots: you merely apply the leave-in conditioner in your hair so as to coat it and then proceed to tie your bro-bun or dude-knot.

A photograph of a muscular bodybuilder with long hair and a manbun hairstyle achieved by using a leave-in conditioner after drying his curly maneI extremely advocate to any long-haired guy who cares about his mane to own an honest leave-in conditioner. The rationale for this is that, in case you’re not wanting or prepared to use a rinse-out conditioner (because it eats up 2 minutes of your time), you possibly can merely use a leave-in conditioner to type your mane with whereas getting the good conditioning and moisturizing results of a daily rinse-out conditioner. I do still advocate that you simply use a rinse-out conditioner at the least once every week (come on, dude, it’s solely 2 minutes once every week for an incredible man-bun mane).

Can I exploit multiple hair styling product on my lengthy hair?

Yes, you’ll be able to indeed. My advice is that you simply first discover out one of the best products that work in your hair individually, and then you possibly can proceed to mix and match totally different products.

The perfect males’s hair-products mixtures to attempt with lengthy hair are:

  • Depart-in conditioner with some other hair styling product (the leave-in conditioner goes first).
  • Hair spray with some other hair styling product (the hair spray is the last product to be utilized/used).
  • Hair mousse with a blow dryer for the most effective volume-increasing effect.
  • Hairstyling cream with hair spray for a wet look.
  • Hair mousse with hair spray for a wet look with a dry effect.

When you comply with the above mixtures and get artistic with the combining of your leave-in conditioner and hair spray, you’ll steadily work out one of the best combination of merchandise for your long mane.

Are hair styling merchandise for long males’s hair (e.g. hair gel) extra essential than hair care merchandise (e.g. conditioners)?

No! Do not make the widespread mistake of considering of hair styling merchandise as your silver bullets to enter the holy kingdom of lustrous long manes. In truth, hair care merchandise like shampoos and conditioners are more essential than hair styling in preserving a wholesome and aesthetic lengthy mane through the years; I simply can’t emphasize this enough (and I inform our shoppers this every single time that they ask the above query).

A picture of a black guy fom Germany who has long curly hair in an afro hairstyle with the curls slicked back by using a headbandHair care products must be the inspiration of your mane’s aesthetics; hair styling merchandise are the icing on the cream (and depart it at that). If you wish to know extra about all the varieties of lengthy hair products and the way they are used, then I recommend that you simply learn this superior guide on merchandise for long hair males which details the whole lot from how conditioners work for males’s hair to methods to fashion lengthy men’s hair with a mix of different products. You possibly can (or, better stated, should) read my man bun merchandise guide too for more info on the range of long-hair products which are of use to you and which might be straightforward to get so as to start out styling your lengthy mane the appropriate method as soon as attainable.

Type that mane with the best hair merchandise!

To round all of it off, I’ve acquired to say that you’ll solely find out the most effective lengthy hair product for you by trial and error by means of making an attempt one or two merchandise from every of the hair merchandise that I’ve described on this information. Sure, I’ve given you adequate info on long-hair styling products to make an informed determination, but you must nonetheless, in your curiosity and as you finances allows, give each product a great attempt as a way to ultimately discover out the most effective hair merchandise to provide your lengthy mane the royal remedy that it completely deserves.

Maintain rocking and styling these lengthy tresses, gents!