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Best Ridge Filler – The Basecoat Challenge


One of many worst issues you are able to do is buff the ridges off your nail plate. Buffing weakens your nails by submitting the thickest half to match the thinnest part!

For this reason I all the time advocate utilizing a ridge filler basecoat. I’ve had many individuals ask me which ridge filling basecoat is my favourite. I haven’t had a favourite.

But I do now!

On this article, I will cowl:

  • Why it is advisable use basecoat
  • Why I tested a number of in style ridge filler base coats
  • My standards that will help you make an informed determination
  • And who have been the winners—they could shock you

Do We Really Need Basecoat?

Many people don’t know that basecoats are formulated to bond to the nail plate.

Polish is formulated to bond to basecoat—not the nail plate. Topcoat is formulated to bond to basecoat or polish.

Why Ridge Filler?

This is certainly one of my pet peeves—you’ll be able to’t fill ridges. You fill the grooves between the ridges.

Technically speaking, these basecoats should all be referred to as Groove Fillers. But they in all probability wouldn’t sell very properly because individuals obsess about coping with their ridges.

All of us need a clean, glossy manicure. That is how ridge filling basecoats assist us obtain the look we would like.

The Contenders

I often get this question no less than once per week; “What is your favorite ridge filler basecoat?”

Since I am all the time testing things and turning myself into my own guinea pig in your behalf, I decided to check six ridge filler basecoats that I might find in the shops where I reside in the USA.

I used to be shocked to find that most of the big-name brands don’t supply a ridge filler basecoat. For my part, that’s a disservice to the nail group.

I was capable of finding several ridge filling basecoats at Sally’s Magnificence Supply in the US, and a couple in the drugstores (like Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy.)

Disclaimer: I know there are various different manufacturers around the globe who do supply a ridge filler but sadly, I wasn’t capable of get my arms on all of them. Maybe you possibly can take my favorites and examine them with a unique brand that you’ve.

Here’s an inventory of the ridge filling basecoats I examined:

  • Nina Ultra Pro™ Basecoat & Ridge Filler
  • American Classics Bridge the Ridge®
  • Finger Paints Clean Over Ridge Filler
  • Orly® Ridge Filler
  • Sally Hansen® Nail Rehab™
  • Wet ‘n Wild Megalast® The Saving Base

Once I determined to do this check, my first standards was to test for durability and variety of days of wear and tear.

What I didn’t understand was that as a way to perform an accurate check, I would have to primarily wear the identical manicure for over two months!

To get more correct outcomes from a check like this, it’s necessary to scale back totally different variables which will affect the result of the check.

I know that some polish wears longer or shorter than different brands. Typically even the color can change the durability. I didn’t need a totally different brand, shade or prime coat to have an effect on the outcomes of my checks.

That meant I had to make use of the exact same polish and the very same topcoat for each basecoat I examined.

It’s an excellent thing I really like purple!

Listed here are the polishes and prime coat I used:

  • Polish: Colour Club Holographic “Eternal Beauty” (main shade), OPI Liquid Sand “Can’t Let Go” (accent nails)
  • Topcoat: Sally Hansen® Insta-Dri™ Anti-Chip Prime Coat

Check 1: Nina Ultra Professional™ Base Coat & Ridge Filler

I started with Nina Extremely Pro™ Base Coat & Ridge Filler. When utilized, it was white and streaky, which I didn’t look after. With two coats it coated the grooves in my nails properly. Surprisingly, my manicure lasted 11 days before it began to chip.

Worth: about $5


  • Coated ridges in my nails properly with two coats
  • Superior durability


  • White, streaky shade that would have an effect on the best way polish appears, relying on the colour you paint over the basecoat. This made it unimaginable to wear by itself.

Manicure Durability:

Check 2: American Classics – Bridge the Ridge®

The subsequent check was American Classics Bridge the Ridge®. It dried shortly, and inside two coats. It coated virtually all the grooves on my nails. And, it had a pleasant matte end.

Two days into the manicure I made a decision to braid my horse’s mane. I didn’t wear gloves as a result of I needed to get a great grip on Zeus’s thick, wiry hair. Zeus’s mane ended up wanting lovely! But the polish on my thumbnail ended up chipping.

By the subsequent day, I had a small chip on my left middle fingernail. Three days later, my manicure showed regular tip-wear. The basecoat on the undersides of my nail ideas (a part of the Fab 5 Wrap manicure technique ) was utterly gone. The manicure lasted six days with American Classics Bridge the Ridge®.

Worth: about $6


  • Dries shortly
  • Coated ridges with two coats
  • Matte end


  • Didn’t maintain up properly with my regular day by day activities

Manicure Durability:

  • Began chipping on day 3
  • Manicure lasted complete of 6 days

Check 3: Finger Paints – Clean Over Ridge Filler

The next one was Finger Paints – Clean Over Ridge Filler. It was very pure wanting, however it did not cover my yellow staining a lot. I used two coats to completely cowl my grooves. It dried shortly with a semi-matte end.

By the seventh day, I had chipping on the suitable aspect of my right thumbnail. I additionally had some sidewall chipping on each index ideas. I had normal tip wear and vital tip wear underneath my nails.

Worth: between $6-9


  • Dries shortly
  • Coated ridges with two coats
  • Semi-matte finish


  • Didn’t cowl my nails’ yellow staining

Manicure Sturdiness:

Check 4: Orly® Ridge Filler

Check number four was Orly® Ridge Filler. It went on a very white and seemed very similar to the Nina Ultra Pro™ basecoat. It even smelled the identical. But when in comparison with the Nina, it’s apparent that it’s a special method.

Orly® Ridge Filler coated my grooves properly in two coats. Some nails have been coated with only one coat and it dried shortly.

By day three, my polish began chipping a bit. I had chips on my left index finger right thumb and proper middle finger. My nails confirmed normal tip put on and undertip put on. I had to remove the polish by day seven to stop my urge to select at the chips.

This brand is obtainable for purchase on Amazon US.

Worth: between $5-Eight


  • Dries shortly
  • Coated ridges with two coats


  • Utilized very white
  • Started chipping too quickly

Manicure Sturdiness:

  • 3 days before chipping but lasted 7 days

Check 5: Sally Hansen® Nail Rehab

Check number five was Sally Hansen® Nail Rehab™. The very first thing I observed was that it had a very wimpy brush. I favored the sunshine pink colour. The basecoat was a bit of skinny so undoubtedly needed two coats.

By day four I had a chip on my left index fingertip. My nails have been displaying a good quantity of tip wear on my proper hand. I did wash my horse on day three, however I wore nitrile gloves to guard my nails from water absorption. Additionally, the polish was starting to chip on my right ring finger nail that had the textured polish. I couldn’t go previous 4 days with the Sally Hansen® manicure because I knew would start choosing at the chips.

This brand is out there on Amazon US.

Worth: between $Eight-12



  • Wimpy software brush
  • Thin formulation
  • Showed more tip put on
  • Not very durable compared to other ridge fillers

Manicure Sturdiness:

Check 6: Wet ‘n Wild Megalast®  The Saving Base

The final base coat I examined was Moist ‘n Wild Megalast®  The Saving Base. This basecoat had a pleasant software and a nice a wide brush. Two coats coated the grooves in my nails.

Surprisingly, my manicure lasted 11 days!

By day 11, my manicure confirmed large tip wear, but there have been no chips. I had an enormous good progress line in my polish from the cuticle line. I truly in all probability might’ve gotten one or two days more, but I needed to take away my polish for an Instagram and Fb Stay with Cory. He painted my nails and he did an amazing job for his first manicure ever! Click here to see the video on Youtube

Worth: about $Three-4


  • Mild pink colour
  • Nice broad brush
  • Superior sturdiness


  • Showed extra tip wear than others, however that is expected considering the size of the manicure.

Manicure Sturdiness:

BONUS TEST:  Nina Ultra Professional™ Basecoat & Ridge Filler

I made a decision to re-test Nina Ultra Pro™ Basecoat & Ridge Filler to verify results since it was the primary basecoat I tested. Was it really robust enough to final 11 days? Or was that check just a fluke?

Yep! It was robust sufficient.

The second check lasted 10 days and had only minor chipping once I eliminated my manicure.

Positive, it was onerous (really exhausting!) sporting the identical shade of polish two months in a row. However it ended up being a very fun experiment. The most fun part was being stunned by the results and discovering two clear winners:

  1. Nina Extremely Pro™
  2. Wet ‘n Wild Megalast®  The Saving Base

What Made Them Winners

Durability is an enormous deal for me. I really like my manicures to final at the least 7 days. Meaning my manicure goes to need to survive a little bit of rough and tumble remedy throughout my normal every day activities.

Each of these basecoats helped my manicure final 10 days or extra with normal tip wear.

I didn’t look after the chalk white colour of the Nina Extremely Professional™. It’s undoubtedly not a basecoat you could wear on its own. It have to be coated with a colored polish as a result of frankly, it appeared a bit ugly when utilized. You undoubtedly couldn’t put on the basecoat alone or for french manicures. It requires a strong coloured polish to cover it.

Once I add in the variables of sturdiness and look, my new favourite ridge filling basecoat is Wet ‘n Wild Megalast®  The Saving Base.

What About You?

It’s all the time essential to keep in mind that we aren’t the identical. We all have totally different physique chemistry which may trigger you to have a special experience with these ridge filler basecoats.

For my worldwide readers, I’m sorry I wasn’t capable of check a number of the manufacturers out there to you. Maybe a gaggle of you will get together and swap the basecoats it’s a must to do your personal checks.

I hope you found this article helpful!

Abstract of Ridge Filling Basecoat Challenge Results