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How to Take a Good Selfie: The Must-Know Selfie-Ready Guide for Men

As a lady who’s spent a good deal of time swiping via courting apps, I can truthfully say most males do not know how to take a good selfie.

With simply a jiffy of swiping by way of a courting app, it is painfully clear that men have no idea how to take a good selfie or really feel natural doing it. Now, I don’t blame you. Taking a photograph of yourself can feel awkward and shallow.

But, a selfie is not more than some other photograph and must be treated as such. With selfies being what draws individuals into our social networks or even into our romantic lives, they’re a small window into who we’re.

That’s a lot of strain for one photograph. Once you decide up on how to take a good selfie, it gained’t be so terrifying. [Read: A photographer’s guide to taking a sexy picture]

Why males don’t understand how to take a good selfie

Once I say males, I, in fact, don’t imply all males. Have you seen Will Smith’s Instagram?

But, there’s a cause you came wanting for this submit. Whether or not you are feeling weird taking selfies or assume your selfies all the time come out mistaken, you’re in all probability right. Sorry, but it’s true. I don’t need to decide males or anybody on a easy selfie, however with the best way online courting and social media are these days, selfies say a lot.

So, why do males not understand how to take a good selfie? My opinion is that you are making an attempt too exhausting. Do you pose and make critical faces when your mother takes a photograph of you and your sister? No, but that is your most flattering photograph.

From what I’ve seen, men put on a persona or give off a vibe in selfies. It looks like men are attempt to impress different males with their selfies. They don’t need to be seen as female or vain in order that they make a face that says “cool” quite than “happy.”

Positive, not all selfies males take are to appeal to somebody romantically. Even your aunt and grandma will favor to see your next selfie wanting like you and never like a version of you making an attempt too onerous to impress. [Read: The best and worst ways to present yourself online]

The concept behind how to take a good selfie

If you find yourself about to take a selfie, what are you desirous about? How your hair seems or how the lighting is?

Earlier than moving into the nitty-gritty, take into consideration the selfies you see. Statistically, selfies that show somebody smiling are swiped right *appreciated* about two occasions greater than selfies making some other face. Whenever you see a woman on Instagram publish a selfie smiling, that smile impacts you greater than a duck face or a critical look.

Even in case you don’t assume so, it is confirmed. Smiles are contagious. They’re responded to more positively. So, go into your subsequent selfie completely satisfied and having fun moderately than putting on a show or appearing a sure means that simply doesn’t really feel such as you.

A selfie ought to look how you look. It should feel like someone is taking a look at a still of how you’re, not how you want to seem or assume you need to appear. [Read: 30 effective tips to help you win at online dating]

How to take a good selfie for somebody

Who’s your selfie for? All of your Instagram followers? A courting app? Your girlfriend? When taking a selfie, the recipient it is crucial.

And I am sorry to say I have acquired too many less than flattering selfies from guys on Snapchat. Not to mention the various dangerous selfies on Bumble and Tinder. This may be an excessive amount of info, but for those who look constipated, it isn’t a good look.

I can’t inform you what number of occasions I acquired a selfie from a man on Snapchat and truly closed it earlier than the 10 seconds have been up. It made me uncomfortable. You shouldn’t look critical. Nothing about a selfie is critical. You should not appear to be you’re struggling to make a bowel movement or mimicking the Zoolander pose.

You need to have enjoyable with it. Funny faces, smiles, even bizarre and embarrassing filters are the best way to go. And to be brutally trustworthy, typically no selfie is best than a dangerous one. A nasty selfie can truly be a main flip off. And it isn’t about your potential to take a good photograph, but concerning the vibe that you simply’re giving off. [Read: What makes a man sexy – 15 desirable traits that make you hot AF]

An instance of how to take a good selfie

As I swipe by means of a courting app, I am bombarded with pictures of men standing in front of automobiles I know and care nothing about. I see selfies of men making an attempt their greatest to look critical when in reality they appear unattractive and creepy.

The uncommon selfie of a man smiling or making a funny face is refreshing, intriguing, and engaging. This will likely just be me, however I really feel that ladies would relatively see a man being himself and having fun relatively than making an attempt to impress.

And when guys do publish those critical selfies and footage in front of automobiles, it looks like they’re making an attempt to impress different guys fairly than a potential love curiosity. Are you asking your guy associates’ assist to decide courting app photographs? Subsequent time, ask a feminine good friend for her advice. [Read: Why a girl best friend is a real gem]

The do’s and don’ts of how to take a good selfie

Hopefully, you see where I’m coming from once I say the easiest way for a man to take a good selfie is to be snug and keep away from making an attempt too onerous. However along with these ideas, listed here are some extra useful hints to assure your next selfie will get all the Instagram likes and the best swipes when online courting.

#1 Do follow. This doesn’t imply you’re taking 200 selfies before discovering a good one. It means you need to get used to seeing your self on digital camera. Yow will discover your lighting, positive, but in addition get used to the thought that you are taking a selfie and personal that.

Once you’re snug with taking a photograph of yourself, the whole thing will feel a lot extra normal.

#2 Don’t exhibit. Don’t be cocky. I stated be snug and personal the truth that you’re taking a selfie, but making an attempt to look “cool” or spectacular just isn’t the best way to go about it. Making a connection is how you get somebody’s attention in individual, so maintain that because the objective when taking a selfie.

You need to join with individuals who see this photograph, not intimidate them. [Read: How to make a girl like you without even telling her you like her]

#three Do smile. Not as in case you are taking your third-grade faculty photograph, however as in case you are just comfortable and in a good mood. Smiling doesn’t mean you say cheese and present your tooth from ear to ear.

Just look how you’d should you saw somebody you have been attracted to, got here throughout an cute pet, or spent the day together with your grandma.

#four Don’t put on sun shades. I can’t inform you what number of guys on courting apps have five selfies of them in sun shades. Does this make any sense? The entire level of a photograph is to see what somebody seems to be like.

In case your end recreation is to meet someone, they may see what you truly appear to be ultimately. At the very least have one selfie of your face. Positive in case you are on the seashore or posting for your good friend in your Instagram story exhibit those Ray-Bans, however not when it comes to courting apps. [Read: 15 things guys do that are a big turn off for girls]

#5 Do be within the mild. There’s zero point of a selfie when you’ll be able to barely see an overview of your face. Perhaps you aren’t probably the most confident in your appears, I get it. However posting a selfie in the dead of night only magnifies these self-doubts.

You is perhaps frightened of rejection or that someone will not be attracted to you, but you set your face out into the world day-after-day. It’s your face and you have to own it. The entire objective of a selfie is to present yourself. So stand in front of a window. Let the solar shine. Pure daylight or evening mild is probably the most flattering.

Posting a selfie that is brilliant exhibits that you are snug and never ashamed of your seems to be which is rather more engaging.

#6 Don’t be creepy. I am not positive if guys know they appear creepy in their selfies or assume they appear attractive, but either means, cease with those critical faces. You both look creepy or like you could have a abdomen ache. Making an attempt to look attractive in a selfie is like making an attempt to odor good on the health club, not attainable.

Just be you. Your selfie ought to look the way you look. You need to take a look at it and assume, “yup that is me.” You shouldn’t seem like you make a face. In the event you really feel uncomfortable snapping that image, individuals will really feel uncomfortable taking a look at it. [Read: How to not come across as creepy to a girl]

#7 Do have respectable quality. With iPhones, there isn’t any excuse for a blurry or pixelated photograph. If your selfie is so blurry that I can’t tell what you appear to be, there isn’t any level in using that photograph. It isn’t artsy or mysterious. Posting a selfie where somebody can’t see you makes it seem like you’re hiding something.

The solely other rationalization is that you’re taking selfies on a flip telephone. Get with the occasions, significantly!

#8 Don’t selfie and drive. This must be obvious and I shouldn’t have to say it. However I still see numerous men *or should I say boys?* posting selfies while they are driving, and on highways no less. Not only is that this insanely dangerous and stupid, but anybody with any sense that sees it won’t find you engaging or intelligent.

#9 Do own it. You’re taking a selfie. Positive, it’s foolish. Positive, it is super millennial. And positive it’s a tad shallow. However in case you are ashamed of the fact that you’re taking a selfie, that vibe goes to come by way of in a photograph.

You already know what individuals say about a photograph being value a thousand words? Nicely, you want those phrases to be constructive, not second-guessing and uncomfortable. [Read: How to be comfortable with yourself and not give a f*ck]

#10 Don’t overedit. I do know, you see individuals do it all the time. Instagram is filled with selfies so overly edited that the topic seems to be extra like a doll than a human.  But simply because it’s common apply does not mean you need to comply with.

Positive, you’ll be able to enhance the lighting and blur a main zit, but you’ve pores, so don’t blur them into nothingness. The entire point of Photoshop and Facetune is to make it appear to be you didn’t edit it, not like you’ve got poreless china doll skin. Own how you look and share that with the world.

[Read: 20 hot guy rules for men that will guarantee instant hotness!]

Men, in case you take one thing from this listing of do’s and don’ts for how to take a selfie, it ought to be, be you. Your selfie ought to show yourself, not anyone or anything.

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