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Is Game-Based Learning the Future of Education?

I keep in mind days gone by at elementary faculty once we would all file into the pc lab. We might all get a pc and boot up instructional games like Math Blaster and Oregon Trail.

Though these have been very primitive titles, with the instructional facet, (for my part), taking the backseat to the enjoyable, they nonetheless taught us totally different topics by way of gaming.

Blazing the Oregon Path: searching, fishing, and typically having my entire wagon get together die of dysentery, it taught the player crucial considering expertise, detailed planning, math, and historical past.

It is much more interesting studying a reasonably dry subject, specifically the American pioneers braving the Midwest, by truly ‘living’ via it.

Although in lots of playthroughs of the recreation, infinite failures as my get together starved or lost all their supplies trying to ford a river, I used to be hooked. Amusingly sufficient, Oregon Path sparked an curiosity in historical past in me that lasts to this present day.

Is recreation based mostly studying viable? Can you actually study quite a bit by enjoying instructional video games? Let’s take a look.

What is Game-Based Learning?

Recreation-based studying, quite merely, is learning a subject or being educated by way of enjoying totally different video games.

Since pc use, whether or not by tablet, pc, or telephone, is so widespread, it is a no brainer that corporations and fogeys would take advantage of know-how to show totally different topics.

It didn’t simply start with our current and trendy know-how; game-based learning is definitely a centuries’ previous apply.

They have been truly used tons of of years in the past as studying instruments. Assume of chess and how mentally stimulating it could possibly be. It engages you into considering strategically and critically.

Sounds somewhat too historic to me, however it worked! It was a revolutionary approach to study, even in the 19th century.

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Can you actually study by enjoying games?

The brief reply? Sure, completely you possibly can. Surprisingly, game-based learning is ready to be structured identical to a lesson plan in class. It’s turning into more of a development that academics can build the core of their class round instructional gaming.

Recreation-based studying can easily help the consumer retain primary information used for learning and check taking. Not only does it assist customers retain beneficial information, however it additionally encourages students at a powerful price to study extra.

“97% of teachers polled said that the gamified reading platform Whooo’s Reading motivated their students to read more…70% of teachers said they saw an increase in student engagement when using educational video games.”

These stats alone are an awesome development to see. The encouragement of additional learning is vital to the general success of the scholar in a faculty surroundings. Even if the scholar wasn’t the greatest at reading, the want to learn more would only profit the scholar and their comprehension levels.


Some of the first potential advantages for game-based learning is that it’s a lot more interesting to youngsters to interact in an exercise like gaming.

It’s a slam dunk because it seems to only be a recreation on the surface, but underneath has the potential to seize the youngsters’ imaginations, helping them study subjects that maybe have been a bore or harder to get by means of in a standard classroom setting.

Recreation-based studying truly has been shown to improve retention, aka maintaining the information in that brain of yours. It’s good because the totally different learning types individuals have are all catered by the recreation, with totally different games helping students determine their strengths and weaknesses.

It’s also fairly versatile, with the capacity to combine totally different subjects into one recreation, a pleasant little studying package deal.

Retention is the important objective right here. To recollect what you might have discovered whereas enjoying the recreation. This can be a great alternative to include harder subjects for college kids into a friendly, more approachable medium during which to interact the subject.

Imagine if a scholar dreaded math, however the recreation developed for that subject was extraordinarily enjoyable and helped them retain information. Again, it is a no brainer.

It’s a rather more appealing avenue of studying than sweating it out, learning into late hours over a kitchen table and outdated textbook, hoping you’ll be able to move a check.

Recreation-based learning, along with educating important considering expertise, is educating strategy. I performed Age of Empires properly into the night time on my Thanksgiving break in fifth grade.

The game puts you in a race to gather assets, build models, and destroy your enemy. Beneath the surface of this recreation lies detailed historical past classes, and strategic considering for the player, as you’ll be able to’t take down your enemy utilizing just brute pressure.

It is advisable to plan: will I have sufficient wood to improve my buildings so they can stand up to an enemy attack? Do I have sufficient archers to assault the enemy’s town middle? All of these questions type your attack plan and assist you to assume extra critically.


In fact, not all of it is sunshine and roses. Recreation-based learning, though a fun various to text-based studying, isn’t a totally examined facet in our present technological landscape. Some contemplate it a ‘fad’ and are hesitant to completely combine it into a full curriculum that college students can interact in.

I feel with many games, it has the potential for misuse. Think about a scholar in school enjoying the instructional recreation. The instructor has moved on from the subject which is concentrated on the recreation and has returned to a more conventional classroom setting.

Some students might linger in the recreation, being distracted from the other subjects, curbing their studying, and ignoring new info coming in. Just assume of it as enjoying an addicting recreation till the wee hours of the morning: you eschew your obligations in favor of the recreation’s mechanics. They will typically be too good.

Recreation-based learning vs. text-based studying

Game-based learning vs. text-based learning

As a veteran of many dusty, out of date textbooks in multiple topics, I welcome the newer development in game-based studying. What I wouldn’t have given to have a more inclusive, enjoyable, and simpler to digest medium of info. In fact, there’s benefit to textbooks, they usually have been a staple for schooling for what looks like eternally.

Nevertheless, totally different individuals study in several ways. Although I like to read, I’m a visible learner at heart, and viewing issues like a graph or footage is by definition easier for me. I can truly process the info better and retain it at a better fee if I can visualize what I am learning.

If I’m trustworthy, there’s something downright addicting to seeing a progress bar, icons and badges that mark your mastery of a subject.

Recreation-based studying offers simply that and more. It includes the player in an interactive area where they will each visualize and skim. Again to the Oregon Trail example, it taught me a unique vocabulary that I had never heard before, all while searching wildlife and gathering crops.

These candy little moments train you to surface things like unfamiliar phrases, but additionally they assist you visible at the similar time having you check your complete studying expertise.

An incredible instance of this is simulating the photo voltaic system. We are all accustomed to area, but the material surrounding it might be just a little dry for some college students. It might be a dream to interact in a recreation that might simulate the universe and all the billions of celestial objects on the market.

In an interview with recreation developer Dan White of Filament games, he outlines the reason why game-based studying can have a leg up on conventional textbook learning:

As players, we like to make our own selections. Assume back to once you have been a kid. Wouldn’t it’s awesome to be able to have somewhat company, one thing which we weren’t exactly accustomed to?

Back to the chess instance for a second. You may play chess your complete life, from start to demise and by no means good it. That fixed bettering and enjoying encourage quite a bit of individuals to keep going ahead and enhancing. Games and studying seem to be good bedfellows.

While enjoying a recreation, you’re conscious that you simply’re not your self: you’re Kratos the vengeful god of struggle, Master Chief the area hero. This also drives youngsters’ imagination and will get them to start out considering creatively.


The imaginative capabilities are another constructive facet of this development. I took a Spanish class in school and it involved a really interactive recreation where matching Spanish phrases to their corresponding varieties in English was a bit addictive.

And it helped quite a bit. It isn’t all the time an out and out recreation akin to those who youthful college students would experience; I find that it has penetrated larger schooling as properly.

We’re finding out that game-based studying is rising in popularity, and a more appealing various to only memorizing historic dates in a textbook.

“There is a great shift in learning thanks to game-based education…evidence to this fact is an increase in popularity of a game-based learning domain. Since 2011 the value of this business has become 4 times higher and reached almost $5 billion.”

Sure, that’s billion with a B. That may be a staggering quantity that feels right at residence with the precise gaming group.

An extra development with this phenomenon is that they are taking benefit of cellular games. There are a bunch of titles out there in app stores that don’t require a pc at college to study from.

Apps like Edmodo, BrainPOP, and Reading Eggs all permit anybody of all ages entry to instructional game-based learning. Social media platforms like Fb even embrace a slew of video games on your instructional needs.

There’s really no excuse not to entry these titles for those who’re in search of an academic recreation either for you or a younger scholar.

The longer term seems to be extraordinarily shiny for game-based learning. Augmented reality and Digital Actuality are proving to be groundbreakers in gaming as an entire and will probably serve game-based studying as nicely.

Revisiting the universe instance: what if a scholar might placed on a pair of VR goggles and immediately be transported into a totally shaped universe?

Not will it’s a must to experience a planetarium with a droning, boring voice of a narrator telling you about totally different planets; you could possibly visit them and zoom round the galaxy.


It seems the prime platforms for game-based learning are apps on units and net browsers. In fact, you will have totally different games which are installable on computers for a faculty setting, however aside from that, these video games are just a download away for many users.

Some users can even use already established video games, similar to EVE Online for the PC the place players can be put via an off-the-cuff course of economics.

You’re tasked with operating a affluent area company, and the details are painstakingly thought out. Goodbye to business textbooks and say hiya to the cutthroat on-line world of area financial system!


Since gaming is a ubiquitous side in most of our lives, game-based learning is the next logical step after leisure functions. As we’ve seen, game-based learning helps the consumer retain information at a a lot better fee than memorizing textbook passages and phrases.

This proves to be a useful software not only for younger students however for college-level learners. Most of all, I consider that this development in game-based learning will end up being an amazing profit to instructors and academics.

It permits them to tailor their lessons in a more fun and artistic method, and probably see superb returns in the type of college students prospering and getting a want to study more, and study better.