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Man Bun Hairstyle Guide for Curly Hair Men

The opposite day, we had a curly barbershop buyer stroll in to our barbershop initially wanting a curly hair undercut haircut. Nevertheless, when he saw that a lot of the barbers at our barbershop have man buns, he appeared dazzed, as if he had entered another dimension the place man buns have been the de-facto coiffure of all men worldwide (in essence, that’s our idyllic, sacred man-bun heaven where all man bun dudes go to once they attain the minimum hair size for a person bun).

So, as anticipated, this new curly buyer started asking Paul (certainly one of our barbers with a manbun) query after query about the right way to get a man bun with curly hair. And that’s what this man bun coiffure guide shall be all about in the present day, especially since that wasn’t the first time that a curly dude asked us (or me) about how you can grow curly hair lengthy to get a man bun.
A picture of a hipster male with curly hair and a full man bun hairstyle

What’s curly hair?

Proper, before persevering with with this curly man bun information, we’ve to define what curly hair is. You’d be stunned at what number of guys who’ve curly hair don’t know that they’ve curly hair, or what number of guys assume that curly hair is just the curly hair of Justin Timberlake again in his NSYNC days.

A photograph of a young Justin Timberlake with short curly hair with the rest of the band members from NSYNC

“Got some change for a haircut, bro??”

As a barber, I might offer you my very own definition of what curly hair is, but I will as an alternative go together with the definition from one of many most-famous curly hair websites online referred to as “Manly Curls” and which defines curly hair as hair that grows in a non-straight sample infinitely and thus curves as it grows out of the follicle. Nicely, I’ve truly paraphrased and shortened what the complete definition is of curly hair as utilized in that website since you possibly can learn some very technical stuff about curly hair there, but this curly hair definition paraphrased above will get the point throughout: curly hair is any sort of hair that doesn’t grow straight.

The rationale for paraphrasing the definition of curly hair from the famous Manly Curls web site is that the precise statement of curly hair curving as it grows, whereas straight hair never curves (and as an alternative grows straight indefinitely), is certainly right. This break-through statement (and I call it break-through since nobody in the barber career had pointed this out so clearly despite this being widespread sense) brings concerning the two primary hair textures for males: straight hair and curly hair.

A picture of a young black guy with cool kinky curly hair tied into a manbunCurly hair as a texture is split into three varieties: wavy hair, coiled curly hair and kinky curly hair. Wavy hair is the hair that you simply see on guys like Adrian Grenier or Harry Types, coiled curly hair is the hair of men like Justin Timberlake (whereas at NSYNC) or Troy Polamalu, and kinky curly hair is the hair of men like Samuel L Jackson or Will Smith.

Learn how to get a person bun for curly hair

For some unusual purpose, curly guys seem to assume that getting a man bun requires some special voodoo magic or some secret hair potion extracted from the Amazon rainforest. Positive, there are lots of more nice curly hairstyles for men but opting for other curly males’s hairstyles in detriment of the man bun simply because you assume that getting a person bun requires a degree in engineering is simply plain fallacious. And you’re doing your self a disfavor by not considering that you simply’re absolutely capable of rising an epic man bun together with your curls.

The truth is that getting a man bun as defined in my man bun hairstyle guide is identical for curly hair as it is for straight hair. All that you simply want is an elastic hair band and hair that has the minimal length wanted for the manbun (which, should you didn’t read the earlier hyperlink, is eight inches of hair length all across the scalp).

A picture of a curly dude with long hair styled in a man bun hairstyleOk, okay, let’s cut up hairs (no pun meant) for a second right here: rising a man bun with curly hair isn’t “absolutely” the identical as with straight hair. Whereas the idea stays the identical, there are some tidbits with curly hair that you simply, as a curly dude, want to think about if you want to efficiently grow a lustrous mane of man-bun curls. Listed here are the primary four points that each one curly dudes need to concentrate on prior to (and while) rising their curly hair lengthy so as to sport a man bun:

  • The actual hair size of curly hair may be tough.
  • Curly hair tangles far quicker and much worse than straight hair.
  • Curly-haired males should use the appropriate hair products.
  • Curly hair must not ever be minimize into a man bun undercut.

Let’s go through every of the 4 principal issues related to rising a person bun with curly hair. And, keep in mind, when you have wavy hair, this information applies to you, whereas the identical goes in case you have kinky curly hair, also called afro-texture hair or black men’s hair (i.e. afro-textured hair is a quite common hair sort with African-American males).

Curly hair has two lengths when rising a manbun

Due to the natural coiled form of curly hair, it’ll act as a spring when pressure is applied to it. Which means, when your curly hair is in a natural state (i.e. no hair products are used), your curly mane may have a special length than when the curls are pulled so as to tie it into a man bun. This hair length impact was coined by Rogelio Samson (from Manly Curls) in his e-book, The Curly Hair Guide.

A picture of a handsome male model with a top knot hairstyle for his long curly hairIn line with Rogelio Samson, curly hair has two kinds of lengths: seen length and prolonged length. These two lengths are exactly what I’ve described in the earlier paragraph: the seen length of curly hair is the one when the hair is in a pure state, while the prolonged size of curly hair is the one when the hair is pulled or flattened.

Due to the 2 precise lengths of curly hair, many curly males make the error of relying on their visible length to determine how lengthy their hair is. Thus, many curly men spend months wasting their time making an attempt to develop their seen size to the minimum size of a person bun. I’ve seen this happen countless of occasions with curly guys rising their curls long for the primary time; since your curly hair is going to be pulled in order to tie it into a bro bun (another identify for a man bun), you only have to get eight inches of extended hair size and never 8 inches of seen length!

A photo of a black guy with long hair in a man bun undercut hairstyle with locksKeep in mind that the extended hair size of curly hair is often about twice the size of its seen size. What this implies is that you would be able to easily spend an extra 18 months of your time futilely growing your curls lengthy to put on a person bun (believing that you simply need your curls to have a visible length equating the minimum size for a man bun), when 18 months ago you possibly can already tie an epic man bun when your prolonged hair size was 8 inches (enough to tie a manbun) and your seen size was only four to 5 inches.

It’s crazy what number of curly guys fall for this and Rogelio Samson has accomplished a huge service to many of these curly dudes by saving them loads of wasted time with such a simple to recollect technique. For those who can, get The Curly Hair Ebook because it’s loaded with tips like this one that may prevent loads of pain and wasted efforts.

Curly hair tangles the longer your man-bun hair grows

Once your hair reaches the “long hair” classification (i.e. 6 inches of prolonged hair length), it is going to begin to knot and tangle fast if your hair care isn’t in good order. Every month we get at the very least two poor curly souls who come to our barbershop in a sign of defeat to get their rising curls chopped off as they’re all twisted up.

A photograph of a black guy with his slicked back hair tied back into a topknot hairstyle with some leave-in conditionerYou will need to take this significantly: curly hair can tangle furiously with out you realizing it. Methods to avoid your curly hair from tangling within the first place after you have enough hair to tie a man bun or prime knot? Through the use of a conditioner every day or virtually day by day and breaking up the tangles as soon as you notice them within the bathe.

One of the simplest ways to keep away from tangles with lengthy curly hair is to moist your hair day by day within the bathe and to coat the hair with conditioner, leaving the conditioner in your wet hair for two minutes. During these two minutes, you softly run your fingers down your long curls after which pull aside any tangles that you simply discover (again, doing this softly). Once achieved, rinse the conditioner and you’re set.

To provide you an concept of how lustrous and shiny your curly mane will look by simply utilizing a conditioner every other day (or day by day), right here’s an image of a wavy-haired male together with his hair unfastened and untied (he uses a conditioner day by day):

A photograph of an Indian male with beautiful long wavy hair reaching his shouldersThis subsequent image under was taken once he tied his wavy mane into a person bun right after the previous image. See how aesthetic and full his wavy man bun appears.

A picture of a dapper Indian hipster with his long wavy hair in a cool man bun hairstyleIn case you have by no means used a conditioner earlier than, you may be amazed on the results that such a product will yield in your hair. Likewise, you’ll soon get used to utilizing a conditioner every day as you quickly coat your hair with it while showering after which, as you wait for the 2 minutes to be over, you swiftly spot any tangles and undo them as you proceed to wash the remainder of your body within the bathe in those two minutes. Critically, people, even I can do this with out feeling like a lady, so you too will be capable of use a conditioner every day like it’s nothing (and the doorways to our man-bun heaven will open mechanically for you).

So use a conditioner, dude!

Lengthy curly hair requires special products if you need a “mun”

In case, you didn’t comprehend it, a “mun” is another phrase for a person bun and you will need to use two most important merchandise for your curls if you wish to put on a handsome man bun (not sporting a handsome man bun is considered a sin, so it’s your name).

A photograph of a good-looking Jewish guy with a curly manbun hairstyleAs you’ll have discovered in my man bun merchandise information, both a styling cream and a leave-in conditioner are beneficial hairstyling merchandise for styling a person bun. Nevertheless, with regards to curly hair, this isn’t simply really helpful, this can be a “must”.

By far, the perfect hair merchandise for curly guys are a styling cream, hair gel and a leave-in conditioner, and this consists of for the curly man bun coiffure. Nevertheless, out of these three curly hair products, a styling cream and a leave-in conditioner take the trophy residence on the subject of being probably the most helpful merchandise for y’all curly guys.

You see, curly hair in males has massive points with being moisturized, hence most curly dudes get frizzy curls the second that their curls develop longer than an inch. They (curly dudes) aren’t providing the much-needed moisture to their curls, which then results in hair that looks and feels dry; actually, dry curly hair in males is just like hay. What’s even worse is that, with a curly man bun made up of dry non-moisturized curls, the actual bun will seem like an enormous ball of tumbleweed.

A picture of a hipster black male with a manbun hairstyle made of long dreadlocksThe solution to having shapely curls that make your curly manbun stand out from the gang is to use both a leave-in conditioner or a styling cream any time that you simply need to fashion your man bun. It’s as simple as coating your long curly mane (when it’s damp) with either of those two merchandise and then proceed to tie your bro bun. Presto!

Here’s how a lot of a difference a great styling cream can make on your man bun. See this picture of a black male with long frizzy curls previous to utilizing a styling cream for his man bun:

A picture of a black male with long curly hair before tying his curls into a man bun by using a styling creamNow see this next image under of his curly mane tied into a person bun after having coated his curls with the styling cream. Notice how the pure shine of his lengthy curly hair is enhanced and how the frizz has disappeared; that’s how good styling creams are for curly dudes with lengthy hair and manbuns!

A before-and-after picture of a black male with long hair styled into a low man bun with a hairstyling creamLastly and as stated earlier, you also needs to be utilizing a daily conditioner in the shower to keep your lengthy curly mane in verify. Failure to do this will outcome in the styling cream and the leave-in conditioner not working as well as they’re purported to do when styling a person bun or prime knot. Be happy to take a look at my man bun coiffure information (see the hyperlink within the menu) to study all the steps to styling your curly man bun or prime knot in addition to how conditioners and styling creams are the most effective hair merchandise for getting a shocking man bun.

By no means get a curly man bun undercut or prime knot undercut!

The undercut is a superb haircut and it’s one of the fundamental haircuts utilized by barbers as styling foundations to chop the hair of male shoppers. Nevertheless, whereas a person bun undercut haircut with straight hair seems to be great, the undercut (or the person bun undercut) is a horrible haircut for curly hair.

An undercut requires that the hair on the edges and again of the top be buzzed very brief and abruptly from the hair on the top of the top, which in itself creates the famous “mushroom hair” impact as seen on the picture under of a curly dude (Rogelio Samson has a whole lot of information about taming curly hair and the mushroom-hair effect on his Manly Curls website).

A photograph of Joey Essex with his real culy hair in an undercut haircut looking like a mushroom before he grew his curls longCurly hair grows up and out, and, even with eight inches of extended hair length for curly hair and thus sufficient to tie a person bun, curly hair will nonetheless stick out and to the edges when left untied. Ergo, when you buzz the hair on the edges and back of the top as per the instructions of an undercut haircut, you may be magnifying the mushroom-hair impact in your head with the hair on the top of the top, because the hair on the top can’t absolutely grasp down and as an alternative hangs at an angle.

The above is strictly the identical purpose for many curly guys complaining about their hair wanting like a mushroom or a Christmas tree once they’re growing their curly mane lengthy, and the time period that it takes for one’s personal curly hair to lastly lose the mushroom-hair form is what’s generally known as the “awkward stage” of curly hair progress. The awkward stage in curly males rising a man bun hairstyle can last from 6 months as much as three years, relying on how lengthy you want your hair to be and whether or not you’ve wavy hair (i.e. the shortest time period underneath the awkward stage) or kinky curly hair (i.e. longest time period beneath the awkward stage).

A picture of a balding hipster guy with a man bun hairstyle laid low on his long curly maneGeneral, if you wish to develop a person bun with curly hair, you should keep away from the undercut haircut! The easiest way to grow a man bun with curly hair is to grow the hair from the identical size all across the scalp. So if your curls on the top of your head are two inches lengthy then the remainder of the curls on the edges and again of your head should even be two inches long. This is completely the easiest way to grow a curly man bun, and the end-result will be the timeless full man bun fashion.

In the event you don’t need to grow the curly hair on the edges and again of your head for your man bun, then some various haircuts to the undercut are:

  • Long taper haircut: hair on the edges and back are minimize with scissors solely.
  • Brief taper haircut: hair on the edges and back are buzzed with a hair clipper only.
  • Government contour haircut: the hair on the edges and again are tapered mid-way with scissors mid-way after which a hair clipper is used.
  • 2-step undercut haircut: in contrast to with the common undercut, the 2-step undercut has the hair on the edges and back of the top buzzed with two totally different hair clipper lengths, thus creating two horizontal hair-cut layers or “steps”. Rogelio Samson truly pioneered this haircut online.

A photograph of a black male with long hair tied into a topknot hairstyle while the sides and back of the head are in a short fade haircutWith curly hair lengthy sufficient to tie a person bun, avoid fade haircuts or whitewall haircuts. You need to have some hair size on the edges and again of the top, and also you want that length to both be tapered or be blended by way of sequential hair-clipper lengths (i.e. 2-step undercut).

Concluding our curly man bun information

While all manbuns are created equal, the path to get there differs slightly relying on your hair sort. Curly hair has never been the type of hair sort that mot guys are proud of having, yet, slowly however certainly, the sentiment in the direction of curly hair in males is turning into increasingly more constructive because of websites like Manly Curls and due to the efforts of us barbers encouraging you curly dudes to grow your curls out and even get a man bun. So long as you take note the recommendation on this curly man bun guide, you may be ready to sport an epic bro bun or prime knot!

In the event you nonetheless have more questions about the best way to develop a person bun with curly hair or about something associated to curly manbuns, then you possibly can learn our Man Bun and Prime Knot FAQ or you possibly can ask your questions under.

Guide final up to date: 21st August 2015