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Top 4 Long Hairstyles for Each Male Hair Type

In case you’re an extended haired dude or when you’re planning on rising your mane long, then I’m here to inform you that you’ve quite a number of hairstyles to select from. Most guys when growing their hair long seem to assume that each one that they’ll be capable of do to their prolonged manes might be tying them into boring ponytails; that’s till they uncover how malleable and straightforward to fashion long hair can really be. The truth is, as a dude with curly hair myself, I’d go as far as to say that curly hair is simpler to type when it is lengthy than when it’s at a brief size or at a medium length. Now, growing your curly hair to shoulder length and beyond is one other story, but, when you get there, you understand that your hair-growing journey was properly value it.

A picture of a hipster male with a ponytail hairstyle resembling the hair style of David Beckham

Grow that mane long, kiddo!

No matter your hair sort as a dude and whether or not you have got straight hair, wavy hair, coiled curly hair or kinky curly hair, I will inform you on this very second that you simply do indeed have a nice range of hairstyles to select from as soon as your mane will get too long for your girlfriend’s linking, your spouse’s linking or even your mother’s liking. What’s even higher is that lengthy hair is sort of malleable (as in, it is going to bend and do no matter you want it to do), hence you will get fairly artistic together with your luscious mane should you’re feeling up for the problem (yes, I stated “luscious”, not “lustrous”, and there’s an excellent cause for that).

Proper off the bat, I can consider a minimum of a few dozens of epic lengthy hairstyles that I might do to my (manly) mane right now, and you may even study an excellent variety of them in this lengthy hairstyles information for males that covers an ideal vary of types that you simply in all probability didn’t even know existed! Furthermore, when you browse round Manly Curls, you will also get to examine plenty of totally different long hairstyles that I’ve advised and advisable through the years, so, really, I feel we will conclude that growing your mane lengthy is just too superior for words and that you’ll turn out to be a horny beast as soon as your hair graces your shoulders. Nicely, that’s provided that you handle to not fall prey to the inexplicable attraction that stupid hairstyles like the Skullet have in men underneath the age of 35 (and, yes, I too have fallen prey to them).

A picture of an old balding male with long hair and a skullet hairstyle complemented with a Van Dyke beard style

Even men in their forties and fifties have fallen prey to the exuberant attraction of the skullet

So, to rejoice the epicness of being a long-haired dude, I’m going to offer you guys one nice lengthy hairstyle for every of the 4 male hair varieties (if still not sure of what these hair varieties are, then see my hair sort information explaining the 4 hair varieties for males). The following 4 long hair types that I’ll be recommending to you’re both straightforward to develop and get, and all that you’ll want to have the ability to type them is at the very least 10 inches of hair size. Likewise, each of these 4 long hairstyles are interchangeable with each of the 4 male hair varieties, which means you could additionally get the opposite three lengthy hairstyles that aren’t listed for your hair sort, so, all in all, you’re taking a look at 4 hairstyles for long hair you could get at any time, offered that you’ve hair of at the very least 10 inches in size.

Ready to rock that mane? Then let’s kick it!

Ponybun coiffure for straight hair

You in all probability haven’t heard of the “ponybun” word before, and, that’s for a great cause. Amidst a sea of man buns and prime knots flooding each American and European city, few guys have but to understand that, by only tying their buns half approach via, they will transform their bun to look totally different to what the rest of the gang is sporting.

“Ok, Rogelio”, you might say, “but what on this beautiful planet is a ponybun hairstyle?” you could ask. Proper, a ponybun is a hairstyle that has your hair tied in an unclosed bun, therefore a tail of hair types resembling a ponytail that hangs off the bun. And thus the “ponybun” portmanteau which means a “bun with a ponytail”.

To get a ponybun, you’d simply seize your hair so as to tie it right into a bun but, when it’s time to choke the bun with the hair band (i.e. shut it so no hair is unfastened contained in the bun), you only achieve this for half of the hair length making up the bun. Ergo, about half of the bun’s size remains outdoors the bun and thus hangs down as a ponytail. Significantly, it sounds more difficult than it really is, and the ponybun-styling motion is sort of intuitive; I was doing ponybuns like a boss years ago even before I made a decision to place a name to what I was doing intuitively.

Final yr in 2014, the ponybun was briefly within the highlight as the world’s largest male-diva Jared Leto decided to sport one through the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. At the time, the person bun coiffure was all the fad (see the subsequent hairstyle under) and, out of nowhere, right here got here Jared Leto sporting a coiffure which, till then, solely ladies had worn publicly. Nevertheless, the ponybun didn’t really hit it mainstream, regardless that the tens of millions of dudes with man buns in 2014 have been unknowingly doing ponybuns when first learning about tying a man bun.

By now, you’re in all probability wondering what a ponybun coiffure seems like, so right here it is in all its glory.

A picture of a male model with an epic ponybun hairstyle as half a bun and half a ponytail

His Viking ancestors can be proud

Chances are you’ll or might not get an undercut haircut as per the ponybun within the picture above, but one factor is for positive: you’ll turn heads with a ponybun.

Man bun hairstyle for wavy hair

I’m not a fan of following hairstyle developments and in each my books, The Curly Hair E-book and The Men’s Hair Guide, I counsel you to not bounce on them the minute they go mainstream. In the case of the man bun, the coiffure has been going wild and spreading just like the flu virus since 2013 and, even in 2015, the person bun development is going robust. Nevertheless, man buns have been worn for centuries by all types of dudes from Vikings to Samurai warriors to hippies, so man buns weren’t originally concocted in some hipster Brooklyn loft three years in the past, in contrast to what most dudes appear to consider. Au contraire, lengthy haired people have been using buns to tie their manes for so lengthy that I was significantly amazed on the reputation of the man bun when the development hit the spotlight three years in the past, as I assumed that it was widespread sense that each one long haired males tie their locks in buns as “bunning” your long mane is just a handy coiffure.

Anyway, whether you’re a type of guys who obsessively jumps on coiffure development after hairstyle development or whether or not you’re just a guy with long wavy hair, the person bun is one cool and handy coiffure to put on. With a man bun (also called a “bro bun”, “mun” or “hipster bun”), you’ll be able to group all your hair and lock it tight right into a ball of hair. This not only ensures that you simply’re left with no hair dangling (until you need to put on a ponybun) nevertheless it additionally removes the majority of your hair off your face and truly makes your facial features stand out more. What this implies is that, when you’re a good-looking dude, then the person bun will make you much more good-looking; I’m not so positive of what occurs for those who’re an unsightly dude, though the person bun had made me even less uglier, so it’s value a attempt no matter how lovely and handsome and “all of that” you could be.

To provide you a great visual reference in case that you simply need to sport this fashion, right here’s a picture of a person bun coiffure minimize with an undercut haircut (i.e. a person bun undercut).

A picture of a dude with a man bun undercut hairstyle buzzed with a hair clipper

Contemplate buzzing your man bun in an undercut with an excellent hair clipper!

As you’ll be able to see above, the bun is often placed on the back of the top of your head; this anatomical part of the top is also referred to as the crown or the vertex space. Alternatively, you’ll be able to tie your bun decrease on the top for a basic bun type (i.e. what dudes with lengthy hair have been doing for centuries) or you possibly can tie the bun additional forward on the top for what I call a “pineapple hairstyle”. Either approach, simply bun your hair and get on together with your life as an extended haired dude.

Shoulder-length middle part hairstyle for coiled curly hair

I have to say that a middle part with shoulder size hair is an awesome hairstyle for guys with curly hair. But, then, I’m biased as that’s considered one of my favorite hairstyles and I’ve long (coiled) curly hair. In any case, just about all long haired dudes whom I’ve met through the years have agreed that a center part with lengthy hair (and no matter hair sort) is a wonderful coiffure; it’s simply that good of a hairstyle.

Regardless of how the great appears of a center part shoulder length fashion might make you all warm and fuzzy inside, it ought to be famous that coiled curly hair is notoriously recognized for being a ache within the derriere to half on the center of the top until it gets to a length of about 8 to 10 inches. The rationale for this is that curly hair that has but to succeed in 8 inches in length will puff up in addition to puff out to the edges, hence any try and center part it’ll outcome in the hair coiling back to its naturally puffed-out state.

I actually can’t stress this enough to you: you actually need to develop your coils long (i.e. at the very least eight inches of length) so as to be able to profit from the malleability of lengthy coiled hair. All of this should not be a shock to you in the event you’ve been studying as I’ve all the time stated that any curly dude eager to grow long hair and have it grasp down (and not puff up and out) should get his coiled mane to at the very least a length of eight inches. A fair-better hair size can be 10 inches for those who would moderately have your mane grasp down naturally as an alternative of having to coat it with depart in conditioners and hair styling lotions with a view to weigh your hair down (as it should happen with only 8 inches of hair length). Ten inches of hair length is close to a shoulder length (depending on how tall you’re), so your coils will start to hold down naturally once they are at about shoulder size.

So, now that we’ve established how lengthy your hair have to be to put it right into a middle-parted coiffure, it’s time to point out you how it seems to be.

A photograph of the long curly hair of David Bisbal in a shoulder length hairstyle

Boss-man standing activated

Not only dudes with long haired have informed me that they actually like putting their manes in a center half however many ladies have also advised me that such a hairstyle is the one they like probably the most in long haired males. Make of that what you will, gents.

Dreadlocks coiffure for kinky curly hair

Sure, I do know, I know; we all know what dreadlocks are and the way they aren’t fashionable like the person bun and all that, however, really, for dudes with kinky curly hair, dreadlocks are a superb hairstyle to get the hair to hold down as an alternative of getting it remain all hyped up in an afro coiffure. I’m not saying that the afro isn’t an excellent hairstyle for this hair sort, but many guys with kinky curly hair have come to me asking me the way to make their afros grasp down as they need to have dangling locks like their long-haired brethren with the opposite hair varieties. As a matter of reality, you’d be stunned as to what number of curly guys dream of the day that their curls will caress their face and dangle in the wind. Heck, I too was one among them and feeling my curly locks dangle in the wind just felt method too superior.

The dangerous information for guys with kinky curly hair is that they’ll want in excess of 20 inches of hair size to get their tightly-coiled hair to hang down naturally. Nevertheless, the good news is that dreadlocks are a shortcut to not having to wait a great 4 to 6 years years before with the ability to gracefully shake your kinky curly mane and say “because I’m worth it”.

The rationale for dreadlocks being a shortcut coiffure to get your kinks and coils to hang down is that dreadlocks aren’t simply made up of your personal healthy and growing hair strands; dreadlocks are also made up of the shed hair strands that you simply’ve been shedding ever since you began “locking” your hair (i.e putting your hair into dreadlocks). At the tune of about 100 shed hair strands per day, that’s numerous excess weight that you simply’re adding to your mane and which you would in any other case not have (the additional weight) if it weren’t for the dreadlocks. So, dreadlocks get heavy fairly fast and subsequently you only need about 6 to eight inches of dread-locked size to get the dreadlocks to hold down. Not dangerous if we examine 4 years of ready to a mere one yr of waiting time to develop your dreadlocks to 6 inches ranging from a buzz minimize or brief hair.

As I’ve achieved with the earlier hairstyles, here’s a picture depicting some nicely-groomed dreadlocks.

A picture of a white guy and a black guy with long dreadlocks hairstyles

Dreadlocks are the quickest solution to get your kinky curls dangling as an alternative of puffing up

It ought to be stated that, simply because dreadlocks include shed hair strands from months ago and even years ago, dreadlocks need not be unhygienic they usually truly require various grooming and hair care.

4 lengthy hairstyles for the 4 hair varieties

Having lengthy hair as a man is sort of the experience. Whether you’ve straight hair or kinky curly hair, you may be learning increasingly more about your hair each single day as you remain patient, study from your errors and enjoy the journey of turning into a long-haired guy with free-flowing locks. Positive, it make take you a yr or four years, but, I can guarantee you in this very moment that it’ll all be value it. This coming from a guy who began growing his hair lengthy from a high and tight haircut just to test and experiment together with his mane!

All the perfect, gents.


Final updated – 18th July 2015

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